Will & Snow

We got about two inches of nice, powdery snow today, and it was warm and calm enough to for Will 1.3 to get outside to enjoy it.  We got him all bunded up, in snow boots and snow pants and his winter coat and stocking cap and mittens.  And then we took him outside so he could “help” me shovel the driveway, and he promptly plopped down on his butt and cried.  Pam started taking pictures anyway, and he started to enjoy himself once I picked him up and dusted him off.

Here he is, getting his first taste of pristine Illinois snow:

More pictures here.  :-)

Snow Day!

We got about eight inches of snow last night – beautiful, light and powdery stuff.  Pam’s office has a policy that they’re closed whenever Champaign public schools are closed, so she’s at home today, and she kept Will 0.4 home as well.

I’m at work after digging out at about 6:30 this morning.  Thank goodness for the snowblower, and thank goodness my father-in-law helped me to repair it this autumn.  I’m hoping to go home early enough to do some photography this afternoon evening.  Last night, as the snow started falling at around 6 PM, we watched a pair of coyotes hunting rabbits behind our house.

Willpower is feeling better after his fourth-month immunizations on Wednesday, although he was very congested last night and had a difficult time sleeping.  Now that he’s off antibiotics completely (for the first time since Thanksgiving, really), he’s starting to have some constipation problems again.  We’re trying to address it with daily doses of apple juice, which he loves.

We’re probably going to try giving him some solid food this weekend.

And two weeks from tonight Willpower will be taking flight for the first time, as we’re going to take a quick family trip to visit Papa Jim and Grandma Angie in Phoenix.  How exciting!