The Biting

When I picked Will 1.1 up from school yesterday, the teacher told me there had been an incident, and that I needed to read and sign an accident report.

“There was a biting,” she said anxiously, awaiting my angry reaction.

“Who did Will bite?” I asked.  “Are they OK?”

“Oh, no.  Will didn’t bite anyone.  His left hand was bitten when he was playing with some other kids.”

I was surprised and relieved, and told the teacher, “Oh.  Well, that’s good news.”

She was surprised and relieved by my reaction, evidently expecting me to be angry that another kid had bitten Will.  I told her that I was more relieved that Will hadn’t been the biter.  Was that wrong?

Anyway, Will is fine – he had some teeth marks on his left hand, but nothing major.

We’ve had another “routine” week with Willpower is just about over.  He’s now just about completely bottle-free, and prefers sippy cups.  Now it’s time to transition him to regular cups.  He drinks juice and whole milk, and is off of formula entirely.  He is eating pretty well when his teeth aren’t bothering him, and loves ice cream just before bedtime.

He’s down to one nap per day, usually in early afternoon, although he’s still not entirely used to it.  Sometimes he’s very tired in the morning and the evening.  He’s still sleeping through the night, going to be about 7:30ish and sleeping until 6:30ish.

He’s started throwing small temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and every few days he’ll throw a big one if he’s tired.  Redirecting him seems to be working well, as does just ignoring him.

We’ll be staying at Al & Susan’s this weekend to help them with a flooring project, and then it’s off to Papa Jim and Grandma Angie’s for Thanksgiving.  I hope Will doesn’t mind the flight too much.

Sleep Update

After a rough but encouraging Monday night, last night was awesome.  Will went to sleep at about 8:15, after a bath and some cereal/yogurt and lots of play time.  He slept straight through until 6 this morning, and didn’t wake up even once in between – not for a pacifier, and not for food.

I’m not foolish enough to think that one night of success means we’ve conquered all the sleeping problems, but at least now we realize that sleeping through the night really is possible.