Champaign City Council

WDWS radio asked me about my interest in applying for the Champaign City Council vacancy that will be created by Dave Johnson’s resignation.

Dave Johnson is a good friend and has served us well on the Council, on County Board, and at the UI. When I heard about his resignation, I began to discuss with my family and friends about the great opportunity to further serve my community. The Council has not yet determined their process for filling the vacancy. When they do announce that process, I plan to apply and I hope to be considered.


Sorry I’ve neglected the blog and photos recently.  While in the middle of the election, I’m not sure I realized just how exhausting the entire thing was, but it’s two days later, and I’m still on empty.

I have some great pictures from an October excursion to Troy that I need to post, and I will – I promise – no later than this weekend.

Right now I’m looking forward to some sleep, some playtime with Will 1.1, a trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and some quiet time to figure out what’s next.

Every change is an opportunity, and this most recent election is no different in that regard.