The weather’s been nice for the past few days, so we’ve been spending time outside, working on Will 1.5’s swingset and playing on the Cirks’ down the street.

For Will’s set, we’ve finished putting it up after acquiring it early last winter, and now we’ve added Grandpa Bill’s tire swing, a ladder up to the clubhouse, and a new bucket swing.  We’re still working on the under-the-clubhouse sandbox and a new plywood roof, but it’s coming along nicely.  Willpower has also learned, at the Cirks’, how to climb the ladder up into the clubhouse so that he can slide down the slide all by himself.

To the gallery, I’ve added some photos that Grandma Lois took over the weekend, and all of the pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix that I had inexplicably forgotten.

Sorry, Dad & Angie!  Here’s something to make up for it:

Immunity Update

Will’s new pediatrican – Dr. Malcom Hill – called today to update us on the lab results from all the tests Will 0.4 has had done over the past few weeks.  First, his digestive tract infection is completely cleared up.

Second, the tests of his immune system after his four-month immunizations are all normal, which means that all indications are that Willpower’s immune system is completely healthy and developing normally.  Dr. Hill suggested that these results mean that the original E.Coli infection from November was probably just a fluke occurrance, and that we’ll never really have a good idea of what caused it.  But we don’t care – because his immune system appears to be fine, and that was really our last major concern in the aftermath of all these infections.   It’s such a huge relief to know.

We’re going to keep him on the happy holistic little bacteria supplement for a while, as he’s really beginning to eat solid foods and we’d like to keep his plumbing humming, so to speak.

I’ve put up more pictures from Phoenix.   Here’s another favorite from a great trip and a great visit.

It’s going to be nice to sleep tonight without worrying too much.

Phoenix Sunshine

Will 0.4 has had a great weekend in Phoenix.  He’s really felt well, and has discovered his voice to a stunning degree, squealing and laughing and shouting for up to an hour at a time, several times per day.

He’s also eating like a pig, devouring eight six-ounce bottles yesterday.  He’s clearly ready for solid food, and since we’ve gotten his digestive tract mostly fixed (with the aid of some holistic happy bacteria supplement), we will start him on it again when we return home.

The weather was gorgeous today, so we went for a little walk this afternoon, and got Will his first real sunshine since he was born.  We’re flying home tomorrow, and return to rain and snow and sleet.

Today, though, Will looked fantastic in his safari hat.


Pam, Will 0.4 and I arrived in Phoenix this morning after flying out of St. Louis on an early flight.  Even though we were delayed a bit, Will was great on the flight, napping a few times, eating during takeoff and landing, and playing a lot.  Thanks so much to Susan for getting us to the airport at 5:30 this morning, and for the lovely Valentine’s Day celebration Thursday night.

It’s about 55 and raining in Phoenix right now, but supposed to be beautiful this weekend.