Immunity Update

Will’s new pediatrican – Dr. Malcom Hill – called today to update us on the lab results from all the tests Will 0.4 has had done over the past few weeks.  First, his digestive tract infection is completely cleared up.

Second, the tests of his immune system after his four-month immunizations are all normal, which means that all indications are that Willpower’s immune system is completely healthy and developing normally.  Dr. Hill suggested that these results mean that the original E.Coli infection from November was probably just a fluke occurrance, and that we’ll never really have a good idea of what caused it.  But we don’t care – because his immune system appears to be fine, and that was really our last major concern in the aftermath of all these infections.   It’s such a huge relief to know.

We’re going to keep him on the happy holistic little bacteria supplement for a while, as he’s really beginning to eat solid foods and we’d like to keep his plumbing humming, so to speak.

I’ve put up more pictures from Phoenix.   Here’s another favorite from a great trip and a great visit.

It’s going to be nice to sleep tonight without worrying too much.

Will Back At School

Will had a pretty good weekend. His final stool culture came back negative, and his eyes seemed to have cleared up nicely. He’s still on the oral antibiotic for C-Diff, and will be until at least Thursday, when we see the pediatrician again.

As is so often the case with Will, it’s feast or famine when it comes to pooping. After more than a week of diarrhea, now he hasn’t pooped since Saturday.

We’re hoping that he has a good week at school so that we can fly to Phoenix on Friday morning. And then we’re hoping for more good weeks and good months after that, so that he can get busy with the important work of growing and learning and keeping all of us so very happy.

Maybe I’ll even be able to spend some time on here writing about things other than Will’s latest illness, rather than treating this as an online version of his medical history.


Another Infection

The pediatrician got the test results back from the stool samples we’ve been collecting from Will over the past few days, and he’s got yet another infection, this one in his digestive tract that’s been giving him the diarrhea. They’ve identified the bacteria as Clostridium difficile, and it’s fairly common. Thye’ve prescribed an oral antibiotic (Metronidazole, also prescribed for me for the past few years as an ointment for rosacea) which we’ll have to give him for a week or ten days. In addition, Will had some blood drawn this morning for previously scheduled tests with our immunologists at Cardinal Glennon, so hopefully we’ll get some insight in whether his immune system is developing, and how well.

We have a follow-up visit with Dr. Hill, our new pediatrician, next Thursday before we head to Phoenix. Grandma Lois drove up this morning to help us out by watching Will today and tomorrow, so he won’t have to go back to school until Monday. Will seems to be slowly improving, so hopefully he’ll be fine by then.