Quickly Learning

Will is growing up so quickly that it seems like every day we’re discovering that he’s learned something new.  Pam wrote about his new skills fitting his shapes through the holes in one of his toys.  He’s also walking effortlessly with his walker now, and we keep urging him to take that first independent step.  He’ll turn while standing, going from holding the couch to grabbing the coffee table, but he won’t yet take that first independent step.  We’re really working with him on it, and getting anxious for him to do it.

Grandma and Grandpa Adomite, and Great-Grandma Lenny came up on September 10 to attend an award luncheon for Pam – she was named to Central Illinois Business magazine’s Forty Under 40 inaugural class, which is quite an honor (pictures here).  While they were up, they took Willpower to Curtis Orchard for the afternoon while Pam and I worked, and Lois got some pictures.

I love his little Illini hat.  :-)

It is impossible to grasp that his first birthday is just ten days away.

Very Busy Will Weekend!

Where should we start with such a fun-filled, packed weekend?

Will is really ready to crawl any day now. He has figured out getting up on all fours, but it’s the moving forward motion that will take some time and some more muscle development I am guessing. And big news from his daycare when we picked him up after work on Friday that he is pulling himself up. Can they really learn to walk before crawling?

Uncle Al & Aunt Susan came to visit for the weekend and helped us get a little more organized in our new house. We worked them like dogs all day Saturday. It started with installing the new closet system in the master bedroom closet. Susan and I probably emptied out close to 40 boxes of stuff and I used her expert organizing techniques while putting things away in there new spots. We also started on the shelving in the garage but that will probably take the rest of the week to cut, assemble, sand, paint and install.

We are very excited to have Uncle Andy (Gordy’s youngest brother) staying with us for the next 10 weeks or so. Al & Susan brought him up when they came up from St. Louis Friday evening. He just completed his freshman year at Saint Louis University with a Pre-Med Major in line. He will be completing some very important (pre-requisite) classes this summer at the University of Illinois. And it will be great to spend some wonderful quality time with Andy since we really haven’t been around him in years.

We all trucked down the neighborhood Saturday evening to attend a wonderful 5th birthday party for Jake Cirks. It is truly going to be awesome to live so close to our best friends and have our boys grow up together. It is so important to have your second family when your own family is not living in the same area.

On a completely separate note, please keep Grandma Jean in your thoughts as she is still recuperating at St. Luke’s hospital after being physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from these last few weeks. This has all taken its toll on her with Grandpa Paul (no doubt), but we just need to make sure she gets well before she goes back home. Her doctor is treating her for bronchitis and pseudo-gout in both knees. She is also testing anemic and will need to be treated for that before she gets released.