Weekend O’ Projects

Today, we finished Pam’s dream project – Will’s huge magnetic chalkboard in our formal dining room his playroom.

Today, I also built a cover for the sandbox under Will’s swingset, and tested and repaired our DIY irrigation system to get it ready for summer.  I had to make a few minor repairs, but I worried about it all winter (“Did I winterize it correctly?  What if a pipe breaks?”), and it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Tomorrow, we’re going to move some dirt around where things have settled since last year, and hopefully get started on some landscaping in the front yard.

A Visit to the Lake (and New Pictures!)

Pam, Will and I spent a great three days with Joe and Shirley Bator on Bull Shoals Lake, where Pam’s family has been vacationing for decades and where I’d spent a lot of years joining them.  We had a great time catching up and relaxing with Joe and Shirley, who have a gift for making us feel just as comfortable as possible.  Will spent some time in the lake, and mostly enjoyed it, despite getting overheated on Saturday.  He did very well on the seven-hour drive to-and-from, and we got to spend a few hours with Clan Adomite/Lenny on Monday on the way home.

While down at the lake, Pam and I engaged in some waterskiing – or at least Pam did! – and tubing, and now I’m so sore that I still can’t really use my left arm.  I think Joe may have injured me.  :-)

Will 0.11 (yes, he’s eleven months old now, which seems impossible) experienced lots of new things, but particularly enjoyed napping on the pontoon boat, and eating oreos.

I’ve also uploaded a bunch of pictures, some from as far back as July, into the following albums:


Pam and I are getting busy planning Will’s first birthday party, so stay tuned for more updates!