Facial Improvements

Will’s face is already getting a lot better:

I’m getting to the point where I want to kill my buyers’ home inspector, though.

Looks like I get to spend the weekend putting an entirely new ridge line on my roof, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current one.

I cannot wait to be done with this real estate transaction.

Random Thoughts

  1. The staph infection on Will’s face is already looking better. He started the antibiotic last night, but I think it may be that we’re washing his face with just a wet washcloth every 15 minutes.
  2. The home inspector used by the people buying our house is a complete idiot. More on that later, including maybe an entire website (and google infamy!) dedicated to this clown once we’ve closed.
  3. Pam had a flat tire last week. It cost her $15 to fix it. I had a flat tire this morning. It cost me $500 for four new tires.
  4. Cardinal Glennon has been wonderful to work with for all of Willpower’s medical problems. I don’t know what we would have done without them. But their billing is an absolute nightmare. They’ve billed me from at least four different entities (SSM; Cardinal Glennon Physicial Billing; SLU Care; SLU Dept. of Anesthesiology). And SSM, which is the main hospital billing service, for some reason uses a different account number for every day of service, so we have about 14 different account numbers just for SSM. Of course, I pay all my bills online, so I was sending them payments, but all for the one account number I had used when I created them as a payee. The results was that I had way overpaid on one account while ignoring the others. So they kept sending me refund checks. And new bills showing that I still owed them money. I was pretty aggravated when I finally called them got it all straightened out, almost six months after Will’s surgery. And then, yesterday, they send one more bill. For $1.75. Aaarrrgggh!
  5. Uncle Al has a new political blog.
  6. Pam and I need to pick out a mailbox for the new house. Any suggestions?