Will’s eyes are a little better since we took him to the doctor and started him on eyedrops yesterday morning, but overall, he just seems a little worse.  He has no energy, he’s had diarrhea for more than 24 hours, a low-grade fever, diminished appetite and just isn’t himself.  We can’t get anyone at the pediatrician’s office to listen, and our concern is that he’s got more than just an eye infection, and that eyedrops aren’t aggressive enough treatment for a four-month-old who may or may not have a working immune system.

Are we overreacting?  Probably, but we overreacted with his hip in November, and trusting our instincts was absolutely the right call.  Unfortunately, Will hasn’t really been healthy since we stopped IV antibiotics on January 10.  We had hoped removing the PICC line would be a huge step forward.  Instead, he’s pretty much been sick ever since.

Did having him on IV antibiotics for six weeks after his surgery stunt his immune system?

Does he have some sort of primary immunodeficiency?

Or does everything work just fine, and all these infections are just a coincindence?


Eye Infections

I’m starting to think that we’re never going to have an entire week where Will is completely healthy.

Saturday, after we had dinner with the Bridgemans, Will 0.4 had a rough night.  He was so congested that he couldn’t sleep without waking himself up, and his eyes and nose kept crusting themselves shut.  Yesterday and last night were more of the same, so this morning it was back to the pediatrician.

This time, Will has an infection in both eyes which is causing the drainage and crusting and congestion.  They gave us a prescription for eyedrops, and I’m keeping him home today.

It feels like we keep overreacting when he’s not feeling well, but we don’t really know what else to do.  And all these infections are really starting to make me worry that he’s got an immune system deficiency.

We’ve backed off trying solid foods any more until he feels better.