Champaign City Council

WDWS radio asked me about my interest in applying for the Champaign City Council vacancy that will be created by Dave Johnson’s resignation.

Dave Johnson is a good friend and has served us well on the Council, on County Board, and at the UI. When I heard about his resignation, I began to discuss with my family and friends about the great opportunity to further serve my community. The Council has not yet determined their process for filling the vacancy. When they do announce that process, I plan to apply and I hope to be considered.

Willpower’s New Home

Now that we’ve mostly agreed on the big stuff (price, closing date of May 30, possession on May 24) Pam and I bugged our Realtor into letting us take some photos of our new home so we could share with Willpower’s online Fan Club.

You can view all the photos here, but the only one that really matters is Will 0.6 showing off his new room:

Now we only have a few weekends left to pack and get moved.

Home Inspection Monday

Our home inspection on the house we’re selling is tomorrow afternoon.  If there are no major problems (and I certainly don’t expect any) then we will be making an offer to purchase a home on Monday evening.  We’ve looked at about 15 houses over the past week, and we have three or four we really like.  Given the market for real estate right now, we’re going to see what kind of deal we can get.

We’ll keep you posted if and when any agreements have been reached.  Wish us luck on the home inspection, as it’s the last hurdle to selling our house.