Good Times / 0.5

Pam and I haven’t been posting very frequently because everything is going so very well.  Will is now five months old.  He’s sitting up unassisted, and enjoys playing very much.

He’s eating really well.  He enjoyed sweet potatoes for a while, but then decided he didn’t like them.  He wouldn’t really try squash, probably because they look so much like sweet potatoes.  So we switched to green veggies, and he’s been great with green beans and peas.  He’s still eating rice cereal every morning, and chugs formula like it’s going out of style.  He’s a world-class pooper, blowing out an average on one diaper/outfit per day.  They absolutely love having him at his school.  I picked him up early today, and his teachers started pouting because they wanted to spend more time with him.  :-)

Pam is taking him back to Cardinal Glennon for some check-ups with Dr. Aki Puryear for his hip on Friday.  We are expecting everything to be fine.  Will 0.5 is will get some quality time with Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill and the rest of the Adomite/Lenny clan.  I think Pam is going to visit with the Fisks as well.

His skin has been greatly improved by the hydrocortisone prescribed by our pediatrician.  He was looking so good tonight that I had to get some pictures.  I really like this one, which is actually a pretty typical expression for Willpower – he’s just a very happy baby.

We’re so lucky that we get to experience this.

First Solid Foods

Will 0.4 had his first taste of solid foods at breakfast this morning, and he did very well. Pam gave him some formula mixed with some rice cereal. His swallowing was excellent, and he seemed to enjoy it, although he got full very fast and didn’t really want a bottle afterwards. Hopefully, we can make this a regular part of his morning routine.