Test Results…Amen!

Gordy got a phone call late yesterday with the results of his blood test to find out if he is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis.  It’s NEGATIVE!  We are very pleased.  If you missed a posting or two ago, I found out that I am a carrier.  These are all things that generations before us never found and and hence never had to worry about them per say.  It’s interesting all of the tests and procedures they can do now days to help prepare you for the new baby coming.  I am not sure if knowing ahead of time is a good thing or not, but we are pleased with the results thus far.  We will continue to pray that in the weeks ahead, everything else continues to check out okay!

It’s a beautiful day to be pregnant!

I think we are just getting a tease of warm weather this week, but I can’t wait for spring to really be here.  63 degrees is sooooooo nice!  Well, it was a pretty normal weekend at least for me though everyone I spoke to over the weekend had/has the stomach flu.  I don’t envy you at all.  I am certain I had a double whammy three weeks ago with pregnancy sickness and flu.  I am nearing the end of week 11 and feeling pretty darn good.  I say that now…We don’t have our next Dr’s appointment until March 29th, but this one will be with my actual Doctor.  I will be anxious to see her.  She had told me back in January when I was in there for my annual womanly exam that with any luck, the next time she saw me I would be pregnant.  She was my luck!!  Well okay, she wasn’t but I will make sure to tell her that she was.

Gordy and I are still anxiously awaiting a blood test result back on him for whether he is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis.  I found out over a week ago that I am a carrier and at that point they need to test the father to ensure he is NOT a carrier.  Well, we are still awaiting the results.  No one moves fast around here especially when you really want to know something like this.

I have found myself very much in a routine these days in regards to keeping my stomach full.  I get up and before I shower, I eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink more Propel.  Propel Water is WONDERFUL!  The Dr’s office recommended it because it’s high in B-Vitamins – good for the baby!  Regular bottled water is very boring and hard to drink.  From there another hour will go by and I am snacking on applesause and something else.  I can’t wait for lunch around noon – I am usually starving by then.  Snack in the afternoon and for some reason I have been eating pickles when I get home from work everyday.  I am not craving them per say, but they sure taste good and it tides me over until dinner!  After dinner, I have been eating a bowl of rice krispies before bed every night.

I was just now finally reading the folder of information that Carle Clinic provided me and it has their 2007 Class Schedule for Prenatal and Family Education Classes.

Here are the names of the classes I would like to take:  Most are FREE!
Newborn Care

Infant Illness

Infant CPR

Prepared Childbirth Education (aka Lamaze)

Car Safe Kids:  How to choose and use a car seat

Back to eating for two regularly!

It feels so good to not been awaken by sickness – knock on wood.  It’s been such a crazy week at work, but I do manage to eat something every few hours still.  My stomach always tells me otherwise if it gets to be about 3 hours and I haven’t shoved something in my mouth.  The Dr’s office called on Monday to let me know that a one of the tests we did came back and needed further attention.

I did a blood test for Cystic Fibrosis to see if I am a carrier and it came back positive.  Nothing to worry about yet, Gordy went to be tested as well and unless he comes back as a carrier, we have nothing to worry about.  I will hopefully find out his results tomorrow or early next week.  The Dr’s office couldn’t give me any hard core statistics around this, but after talking with my great friend Jill, her Dr. told her 1 of every 22 women will come back as a carrier.  Just my luck!

Moving right along through Week 11!

Saying goodbye to last week and hello to a new week!

It’s been a wirlwind of a week last week and the weekend is almost over.  I am not sure if I am looking forward to the work week ahead, but what I do know is that I am nearing the end of Week 10 of the pregnancy!  That means maybe only a few more weeks of feeling the way I do I hope.  I am looking forward to having more spunk and energy again.

Goodbye to last week

  • Not only did I have severe naseua and vomiting, I am pretty sure it was a double whammy of the stomach flu.  I don’t think I have ever felt as sick as I did last week.
  • After missing a few days of work earlier in the week, we had to say goodbye to our CEO/President of United Way.  Lot’s of change ahead.
  • Saturday was a big day of buying my first set of maternity clothes.  What an experience.  This actually came about as “Plan B” to get Teresa out of the house so the crew could get it ready for her suprise 40th Birthday Party that evening.  Luckily, she was willing to take me shopping for new clothes and the look on her face when we arrived back at her house full of her friends and family was priceless!
  • Sundays are currently my days of true relaxation, but sadly its almost over.

Hello to a new week! . .

Thank God It’s Friday…

It’s been quite a week and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband – if I didn’t mention it before – I HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND EVER!

After our wonderful OB visit on Monday, I continued to become even more dehydrated through all day sickness.  Thanks goodness for friends (Jill) who tell you, it’s okay to call the Dr’s office as much as you like.  I called them on Tuesday afternoon and they had me back in at 3:30pm to see the Nurse.  Low and behold, I was not feeling myself, very white, and not much feeling – so they checked me into the Hospital for some TLC.

The ER Dr’s and staff at Carle were fantastic.  Many bags of fluid later and oh 5 hours later, I was able to go home and sleep!  Did I mention Gordy sat there the whole time with me – he’s the best!

There is light at the end of the puking tunnel and it’s called Phenergan.  I am going on Day three of no puking – AMEN and TGIF! .

First OB Appointment

I’m blogging from the waiting room (wireless at the Hospital – wahoo!) while Pam’s getting a exam that is a bit more, uh, intimate than I wanted experience.

Random stream-of-consciousness stuff:

  • Puking happens, just stay hydrated.
  • Due date is initially pegged at September 25. Pam’s at almost ten weeks right now.
  • Sonogram at 16-20 weeks.
  • Spending an hour going through complete medical histories for both families is like re-hashing, all at once, every conversation you’ve ever had with a relative about this or that medical problem. Good times.
  • There’s nothing quite as useless as a husband on a prenatal visit.  Our nurse, Pam, did a great job, but it’s pretty clear I was just taking up space.  :-)

We heard a heartbeat!!!

Weekend O’ Vomit

I’m not even pregnant, and now even I hate morning sickness!

Pam spent a long, miserable weekend being sick, and we were worried enough about her keeping anything down that we spent a few hours last night at Convenient Care (Motto:  “If you weren’t sick when you got here, you will be when you leave!”).  They checked Pam for dehydration, but sent us home with nothing more than advice and shrug.

At least we will get to see the OB this afternoon. .

Eating for Two…Vol 2

It’s been more than a week since my last posting, but I promise I will get better at posting more regularly.  I just spent the week in St. Louis at a wonderful work conference and it kept me quite busy.  I am closing in on the end of week 9.  Always seem to have the gag reflex lately, but rarely do I actually throw up.  I save that for when I am around Gordy and this point – really freaks him out.  Just kidding!

Week 9 has a lot going in inside the womb.  It’s officially a fetus and it’s the size of a hen’s egg!  Amazing.   My waistline hasn’t changed other than the blessed, inherited stomach fat I have is still there.  Now I will just have a very good excuse for that fat to get big right!  No real food cravings yet, but I do need to eat and eat often or I do get very sick feeling.  I did buy myself a jar of dill pickles the other day just in case.  Well on to the fun stuff!

Good things this week include:

  • Gordy is still taking care of the 3 cats who make a whole lot of waste.
  • Thanks to Gordy and my dad, I can sit (or sleep) in front of our new fireplace!
  • Receiving free baby magazines and signing up for all kinds of baby website stuff.
  • More ice and snow on the way (oh wait – that should really be on the bad list)

Bad things this week include:

  • Starting to feel very tired and this queasy stuff is for the birds.
  • I didn’t have Gordy around at my conference this week to spoil me.
  • Cried all the way through the Grey’s Anatomy episode last night. It was so cool to see Denny on the afterlife side.

Unsolicited Advice received this week:

  • I love that fact that I started this because now I am getting even more advice – keep it coming.
  • When a young child is throwing up, there is not much you can do for them other than get rid of the pucky clothes, stack up the towels and get ready for the next round!  Fisk Family – get well!
  • Did you know you can receive a free book, “The Complete and Authoriatitive Guide:  Caring for your Baby and Younch Child” from State Farm?  State Farm is giving away this book for expectant parents and parents to child under one year of age.  Call 1-888-733-8368.  I received my book TODAY by mail – it’s awesome.  I wanted to provide the link that I used to sign up online for it, but it appears to be gone.  If  someone finds it out there the login name and password are:  “good” and “neighbor”
  • Eat more crackers, did you eat crackers before you got out of bed, saltines are the best.
  • As most men probably think there part is done for the next 9 months, don’t forget about the Lamaze Classes! – love this one.


Eating for Two…

If you haven’t heard in person from Gordy and I, the expression “eating for two” is a reality in our house lately.  Yes, we are expecting.  Now, we probably jumped the gun a little early by telling everyone at 6 weeks, but why not.  We are both very anxious for my first prenatal visit with the Doctor’s office and unsure when that will be, hopefully still this week.  The 13.5 inches of snow have shut the whole town down even the Doctor’s offices.  By my own calcuations at this point and all of the reading and intake of the internet, I am at day 58, week 8.  I will spare all of the mothers who have been through this process the full details of what is happening at week 8, but if you are interested, follow the links provided to get some amazing details like “Little Pundit” is the size of a kidney bean at week 8!  Yes, it has a name besides it – “Little Pundit.”
Good Things this week include:

  • Gordy has taken over litter box duty for the next 7 months.
  • He took me out to eat Penn Station Subs yesterday in the snow and later spent 2 hours getting his SUV unstuck from the snow in our own subdivision.  There is something to be said about driving in the middle median sidewalk of Stone Creek just to get home.
  • Hungry all the time.

Bad Things this week include:

  • Morning sickness all day long.  The periods between 10am and Noon; 2pm-4pm and 8pm to bedtime are the worst.
  • Hungry all the time.
  • No one will let me shovel snow around here.  I guess that is not a bad thing…

Unsolicited Advice received this week:

  • From Great-Grandma to be:  Eat crackers before you even get up in the morning.  I always kept them by my bedside (over 50 yrs ago and still true).
  • Don’t be concerned if you don’t hear the heartbeat at your first Dr’s visit.
  • Eat all the time.
  • Don’t worry, I used to throw up on my way to work out the window.
  • You can be anywhere and feel like throwing up, just be prepared with a bag.