Play Day with Cousin Allison!

It’s been way too long since we have posted new albums of photos to the site, so my goal for March 2011 going forward is more posts and more pictures.  We have to get ourselves ready for the new arrival and keeping everyone in the loop.

Will and Allison had a fantastic weekend visiting with Grandma Lois and Papa Bill and here are the priceless pictures from the weekend.  We also celebrated Great Grandma Jean’s 81st Birthday together as a family.  That too is PRICELESS!

Visit the entire album of pictures here!

Another Video and a Hip Update

This video is from a few weeks ago, when Uncle Al was up visiting for Will’s 2.0 birthday:

I love how Will blows out air when he gets to the “huffing and puffing” part.  :-)

On a more serious note, we are heading back to Cardinal Glennon tomorrow for yet another followup with Dr. Aki Puryear, the amazing pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who did the surgery on Will 0.2 – almost two years ago. (Start here and keep reading if you really want to revisit the experience.  It’s hard for me to read some of those entries.)

They’re going to take another x-ray of Will’s left hip socket to see how the bone is developing and calcifying.  Here’s what the x-ray looked like in April:

You’re looking at his hip sockets and the top (ball) of each leg from above, so the ball and socket on the right is actually Will’s left leg/hip, where he had the infection and surgery.

As Will grows, his bones slowly harden from cartilage (nearly invisible on x-rays) into bone (the white stuff you see on x-rays).  If you compare the two sockets in the shot above, you can see some raggedness or serration in the bone in Will’s left leg (on the right in the image) that isn’t present on the other leg, right at the top edge where the bone is calcifying.

The fear is that the septic hip Willpower had when he was two months old may have damaged the bone’s development, and so that’s why we have to keep going back every six months for x-rays.  Outwardly, he seems to have suffered no effects from the hip surgery – he runs and jumps and walks and kicks like a normal two-year-old – but in the back of our minds is always this concern that there may be something damaged or weakened that we just can’t see yet.

Of course, we try to put the worry out of our minds until our regularly scheduled visits occur, and then the anxiety starts.  Hopefully tomorrow goes well, and Dr. Puryear tells us there’s nothing to worry about any more.  We’ll post an update tomorrow night after we get done.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We had a wonderful weekend at home visiting with all of our friends, Uncle Andy & Andrea.  We started our weekend with a local fish fry again at St. Matthews Catholic Church.  I highly recommend this fish fry to the public.  Even though we are not catholic (at least not me), their fish fry is open to the public and has a great cod sandwich.  We can’t end the Friday night without a stop a the local custard shop – Jarlings!

Saturday brought an entire day of warm weather and so Will spent almost the entire day outside playing with his new best buddy Wade.  We had friends over that night to grill out for dinner and ended the evening with a few hours around the campfire.  The boys worked on Will’s swingset some more adding a huge sandbox behind the slide and Gordy handcrafted a set of stairs to go up to the slide.  Will enjoys his independence by climbing those stairs and sliding down the slide all by himself.

Words of the week:

We are still saying “ELMO” everything

“Wade, Wade, Wade”


“Uncle Andy”

“Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Hippo, Turtle, Giraffe, Snake, Rabbit” – you get the jest – ANIMALS!

“Fish” – and you must do the fish lips and Will gives you a big kiss!

And we must not forget that “Aunt Sissy” is due in less than 2 weeks!!!  Will’s baby girl cousin  is going to be here before we know it.  As you can guess already, I think we will be spending our Easter weekend visiting with the new baby girl in the family :^)

Big Weekend Ahead!

Nothing is getting in my way this week, especially not Will’s runny nose, cough, crusty eye and puck!  We are gearing up for the Baby Shower of the Century this coming Saturday.  I am so excited to be planning a shower for my favorite Sister-In-Law/Aunt Sissy!  She is 33 weeks along this week and it’s going way to fast.  So fast that I can’t believe I waited this long to throw her shower, but we had to think about the weather and so forth.  Pray now for little snow and rain.  I am seeing some in the forcast.

Time sure if flying by as I can remember clear as day writing about myself during my pregnancy.  It was hot and I was very tired at 33 weeks.  At least Susan isn’t having the baby in the midst of summer.  Now I am writing about my 16month old who is truly already turning into the terrible but extremely smart 2’s in my mind.  He is so excited to learn and running everywhere.

I think I will start a new weekly posting called:  Word(s) of the week!  Will is all about new words.

And this week is “Hot Dog” and “Applesauce” and lots of animal sounds :)

And the second virus of the New Year!

Might as well keep everyone in the loop of the illnesses in the Hulten household.  More importantly, this will help me back track all of the crap Will has encountered before we go back to St. Louis this summer for a follow-up.  I can ‘t possibly remember all of this.

We took Will in last week if you all remember and he had a case of Roseola.  Very typical for kids under the age of 2.  It was very easy to diagnose once the red rash appeared a few hours before we showed up in the doctors office.

Yesterday, we took him back in to the doctor for this horrible cough and chest cold.  It is not getting any better and seems to be getting deeper in the chest.  He has green snot all over and is keeping all of us at night – aren’t kids fun?

Dr. Malcolm Hill says this has been going around the community with the small kids and he had already seen two kids prior to our appt at 10am yesterday with Broncholitis/Mycoplasma.

So we are unsure which one it is at this point – Broncholitis is the virual form and Mycoplasma is the bacterial form.  The doctor said even if we rad bloodwork to narrrow it down, the labs are not all that accurate for this.  It is contagious so we are keeping him home from school for a couple of days while he get on the antibiotic.

Ringing in the New Year w/ another textbook virus!

It is hard to believe we are going to have to remember to write out 2009 on everything we do. Where has that time gone truly. The Hulten’s had a very uneventful NYE as we just tried to keep Will calm and comfortable. It started Monday of this week with a low grade fever and progressed to over 102 degrees for the last few days (yes days). Today, I broke down and called the Doctor. I really don’t want to be one of those parents who calls the doctor for everything, but it seems like we are calling them every few weeks. They might as well set up a standing appointment for us every month (no not really). Just a few hours before we were off to the doctor’s office, Will had a red rash appear. He eye’s turned red and spots on his back and front. As we made the trek back across to Urbana, the doctor said yes, classic textbook symptoms of Roseola. It is a virus and no medicines to treat other than Tylenol and Motrin to help the fever.

Off to a New Year at the Hulten house. I have already missed the first day back at work in the New Year. I would love to say it was to stay home and play hookie with Will, but he was in no mood to do so.

3 Days until Halloween!

I know we have been very negligent on the blog lately.  I guess that is what happens when full-time jobs take over and the spare time runs out.  Between Gordy & I, we are both in the midst of our busiest time of the year.  It’s less than 1 week before the election for Gordy and I am in the middle of our fundraising campaign for United Way.

With our apologies out of the way for not keeping everyone in the loop, here is a quick TOP 10 of the month:

1)  Will completed his first set of swim lessons with the Urbana Park District

2)  Will is really starting to walk – hoping this crawling stage is going to be behind us soon

3)  Will has seen many friends & family with several trips to Troy & St. Louis (new fall pictures soon!)

4)  Will is drinking more milk than formula and using sippy cups to wean off the bottles

5)  Will is going to transition to the toddler room at school next month – which brings a large list of homework for mom & dad (get rid of bottles, reduce naps from 2 to 1, milk, sitting in his own chair to eat, napping in a cot)

6)  Will is going down for bed at night and sleeping through the night after completing a wonderful bedtime routine of eating ice cream with dad, reading a few books (Dr. Seuss), and laying him in his crib awake

7)  Will is really behind in getting his birthday thank yous in the mail (oops, I can’t believe we slipped this one in)

8)  Will had a great check-up with Dr. Bradley Becker yesterday in St. Louis with the Allergy/Immunology team.  We are so thankful they are still tending to his allergy issues – we feel so grateful that they are watching over our son’s health care needs.

9)  Will is getting his first wooden swing set.  That was my birthday gift from my wonderful husband!

10)  Will is getting ready for his first real Halloween Night (I don’t count last year’s trip out in his infant carrier when he was just 1 month old; what was I thinking…) – school parade, trick-or-treating, and hopefully a relaxing night with Mom & Dad!

First and certainly not last virus of the Fall Season

Well, I think we finally made it through Will’s first virus of the fall season.  Since Thursday of last week, he started with vomitting, fever and direhrea and ended with lots more of direhrea.  You thought going through diapers was bad enough on a normal day, try changing him every 20-30 minutes.  That’s a lot of diapers and one big sore bottom.  I learned a few things along the way.  I did experiment on Thursday evening of last week with cloth diapers and also letting him run around bare bottomed.  All of my experts were telling me to get more air to the bottom and there is not real good way to do that when it’s coming out every 30 minutes or more.  I keep telling myself that he will be great by the time he turns 3 years old as he will have experienced a lifetime of viruses, ear infections, streph, and sinus infections by then.

Did I mention he finally stood up on his own for the first time on Sunday.  You really couldn’t tell the virus was getting him down on Sunday as he was crawling all over and standing up for the first time.  No, the camera was not in reach for those fast 10 seconds or less it lasted, but we will catch the next one hopefully.

On to better things this week…His second swimming lesson on Wednesday, maybe a little dinner out that night too.  His first school pictures on Thursday.  And Illini Football on Saturday.