Weekend of Progress!

Well, despite the cold weather around here we managed to not get any of the snow that seemed to all go elsewhere.  It did look like a typical weekend around here though with Gordy working a bit at the office for early voting on Saturday and lots of noise coming from the basement.  Will and I made the best of our time by playing inside again although today’s venture outside to the neighborhood park left me with a bit of windburn on my face.

Bill and Lois celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary this weekend (today) and our family treated them to a special night at a lovely B&B down in St. Genevieve!  Hard to believe they are celebrating 40 years as Gordy and I will also hit our 10 year anniversary later this year.

Gordy is making more progress down in the basement this weekend.  The number of weeks left until Baby Girl Hulten are getting shorter and we still have a lot to finish before she arrives.  Gordy is doing an amazing job though already with framing, plumbing and almost all the electrical work under his belt.  He still has drywall, flooring, and much more to complete before we can move rooms around.

I am staring to get really anxious on decorating the baby’s room, but can’t do too much until I know Gordy is going to have all the help he needs to finish our basement.  For most that know me well enough, pink is not necessarily my first choice in color when it comes to girly stuff so I have found something beautiful and different to decorate with in the baby’s room – RED POPPIES.  I am really diggin these red poppy wall stickers as well!

I am officially at 23 weeks into this pregnancy and feeling good at this stage.  Always a bit tired at night and definitely showing the baby bump a lot sooner this time around, but to be expected with #2 so I hear.

Play Day with Cousin Allison!

It’s been way too long since we have posted new albums of photos to the site, so my goal for March 2011 going forward is more posts and more pictures.  We have to get ourselves ready for the new arrival and keeping everyone in the loop.

Will and Allison had a fantastic weekend visiting with Grandma Lois and Papa Bill and here are the priceless pictures from the weekend.  We also celebrated Great Grandma Jean’s 81st Birthday together as a family.  That too is PRICELESS!

Visit the entire album of pictures here!

Chambana Dad to Know – Gordy Hulten!

Gordy was just featured in a local blogger’s site today as the weekly choice of their segment called ‘Dads to Know.’  Placing value on all of those hard working Dads in the community who are placing themselves sometimes above their families all for the good of the community!

Thanks Gordy for being my special Dad to Know:  Catch the article here!

So many things to be thankful for!

Faith, hope, family, courage and friends – the 5 things I am most thankful for in my life!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I wanted to post some great family pictures from our Thanksgiving in Troy.  Thanks to Uncle Al and Aunt Sissy for hosting all of our extended family and sharing their home to all of us!  We had a wonderful time playing with their Wii game console and even Willpower played a few games.  He pitched a few homeruns for Uncle Al and bowled a few great games.  I am hoping Santa Claus gets our x-mas list that includes a Wii console.

With only 23 days until Christmas, we have been reading and talking about Santa Claus with young Will.  He knows he must be a good boy for Santa to leave gifts under the tree.  Very tempting bribery when he is completely misbehaving…

Check out the Will Christmas Tree this year!


Another Video and a Hip Update

This video is from a few weeks ago, when Uncle Al was up visiting for Will’s 2.0 birthday:

I love how Will blows out air when he gets to the “huffing and puffing” part.  :-)

On a more serious note, we are heading back to Cardinal Glennon tomorrow for yet another followup with Dr. Aki Puryear, the amazing pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who did the surgery on Will 0.2 – almost two years ago. (Start here and keep reading if you really want to revisit the experience.  It’s hard for me to read some of those entries.)

They’re going to take another x-ray of Will’s left hip socket to see how the bone is developing and calcifying.  Here’s what the x-ray looked like in April:

You’re looking at his hip sockets and the top (ball) of each leg from above, so the ball and socket on the right is actually Will’s left leg/hip, where he had the infection and surgery.

As Will grows, his bones slowly harden from cartilage (nearly invisible on x-rays) into bone (the white stuff you see on x-rays).  If you compare the two sockets in the shot above, you can see some raggedness or serration in the bone in Will’s left leg (on the right in the image) that isn’t present on the other leg, right at the top edge where the bone is calcifying.

The fear is that the septic hip Willpower had when he was two months old may have damaged the bone’s development, and so that’s why we have to keep going back every six months for x-rays.  Outwardly, he seems to have suffered no effects from the hip surgery – he runs and jumps and walks and kicks like a normal two-year-old – but in the back of our minds is always this concern that there may be something damaged or weakened that we just can’t see yet.

Of course, we try to put the worry out of our minds until our regularly scheduled visits occur, and then the anxiety starts.  Hopefully tomorrow goes well, and Dr. Puryear tells us there’s nothing to worry about any more.  We’ll post an update tomorrow night after we get done.

Big Weekend Ahead!

Nothing is getting in my way this week, especially not Will’s runny nose, cough, crusty eye and puck!  We are gearing up for the Baby Shower of the Century this coming Saturday.  I am so excited to be planning a shower for my favorite Sister-In-Law/Aunt Sissy!  She is 33 weeks along this week and it’s going way to fast.  So fast that I can’t believe I waited this long to throw her shower, but we had to think about the weather and so forth.  Pray now for little snow and rain.  I am seeing some in the forcast.

Time sure if flying by as I can remember clear as day writing about myself during my pregnancy.  It was hot and I was very tired at 33 weeks.  At least Susan isn’t having the baby in the midst of summer.  Now I am writing about my 16month old who is truly already turning into the terrible but extremely smart 2’s in my mind.  He is so excited to learn and running everywhere.

I think I will start a new weekly posting called:  Word(s) of the week!  Will is all about new words.

And this week is “Hot Dog” and “Applesauce” and lots of animal sounds :)

Thank You Super Heroes!

WillPower, Incredible Dad & Wonder Mom want to extend a special thanks to all of our friends and family who made it out to WillPower’s 1st birthday party.  I never imagined that so many people in our lives would come to help us celebrate such a perfect day.  As a new mom – it’s quite overwhelming.  And if I wait any longer to mention a special thanks to Super Uncle Andy, Grandma Geri and Angela for making the big trek to Champaign – I think there maybe some disappointed super heroes.  You must see this one to believe it and we will never get rid of these photos “Super Andyman!”

We had a few suprises at the door that day – thanks Joe & Shirley!  We had many of our old neighbors and many of our new neighbors come visit.  All of Willpower’s friends got super hero capes as the big party favors and they wore them all day.  The kids enjoyed busting open the Pinata and jumping around in the bounce house.  The day was long but short at the same time.  I don’t feel like I had a good visit in with any one person – but said hello to many!  Thank you to everyone again who helped us celebrate our son’s first birthday and here is to many more!