Pam is Urbana’s Rotarian of the Year!

The Rotary Club of Urbana today inaugurated Pam as their President-Elect (meaning she will serve as President is 2011-12) and, in a surprise announcement, also named her Urbana’s Rotarian of the Year, which is a tremendous honor.  You can read the letter of nomination here, but I wanted to excerpt this:

We all know it’s that little “extra” that makes the extraordinary-and Pam is always willing to do that extra.  When the board recognized a need to promote new member invitations, Pam designed and printed guest lunch passes, and members have brought four new prospective members to club meetings in the past month.  When the Ways and Means Committee needed mailing labels to send raffle tickets to members, Pam offered to print and donate them.  When members asked for a printed membership directory, Pam exported it from ClubRunner and provided copies for all the members.

There are those who truly exemplify the Rotary spirit of “Service Above Self.” Pam Hulten does so with gracious generosity and leadership that inspires others.  We heartily recommend Pam Hulten for Rotarian of the Year.

Pam’s generosity and tireless work ethic have earned her recognition throughout our community.  I am incredibly proud of her and the ways she gives of herself to others.  Congratulations Pam!

Chambana Dad to Know – Gordy Hulten!

Gordy was just featured in a local blogger’s site today as the weekly choice of their segment called ‘Dads to Know.’  Placing value on all of those hard working Dads in the community who are placing themselves sometimes above their families all for the good of the community!

Thanks Gordy for being my special Dad to Know:  Catch the article here!

Site Repairs

I think I’ve fixed most of the damage done to this site by the server migration.  Photos are back, but I still want to find an alternative to Gallery2, which is a pain to maintain.  A hosted service like PicasaWeb is ideal, but I don’t care for their options for organizing photos, so I need to keep looking.  Perhaps Flickr, the old standby, will work.

For now, here’s Will 2.8 in the tub, with lots of bubbles.