Those darn cats!

Yesterday was a big/sad day for me.  I gave away my first babies for the betterment of everyone in our household.  Fonzi and Grace, our two orignial cats from the very beginning are starting a brand new life at the Champaign County Humane Society.  Most of my readers/friends would at this point say “those darn cats” and it be done, but to those of you who really know me, this was probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life, but the right one at that.

Due to the doctor’s reports on Will’s health, we knew a year ago this was the reality that just took me a year to face finally.  Will’s allergies and eczema seem to be undercontrol, however, the doctors warned us that if we didn’t take the necessary measures to get him a clean bill of health, he might never grown out of it and even worse, he could develop asthma over the next year or more and continue to have outbreaks every now and then.

So a while back, if you didn’t know this already, we gave up our third cat, CHIEF, to the CCHS and he was adopted months later I am happy to say.  I didn’t have it in me at that point in time to take all three of our cats out of the home.  Fonzi and Grace have such a history…

I remember how they first joined our family.  I was ready for our first pet after throwing away fish after fish.  So away with the fish tanks; cats here we came.  I found Fonzi down in Edwardsville, IL while browsing the animals for adoption at the local PetSmart store.  Fonzi was the 6 wk old kitten in a cage with probably 6 other kittens and he was king of the hill.  He was the pesky cat prancing around on top of the other kittens litterally.  He had so much spunk that I knew he was the one.  To this day I still say he has that spunk – My friends would beg to differ and call it “Mean Cat”.  However, if you could see how much love this cat held, there isn’t enough of me to go around for this cat.  He was truly pathetic in how much love he had for me.

And I will never forget that hot, sunny, 99degree day that I first laid eyes on Grace (call her Gracie).  I was back in Troy at my parents house.  At that time our best neighborhood friend that we grew up with in the Price Drive Hood was battling cancer at the time.  I was over at their house watering their flowerbeds in the backyard when Grace crawled out from the flowers just barely 4 wks old.  She was litterally going to die with no food and no water if she didn’t find me that day.  It was the week of almost 100 degree weather and I still day to this day by the GRACE of god we found each other.  Our friend passed away later that week and Grace was a good rememberence of the whole situation.

I will love them to pieces always – FONZI & GRACE July, 2009.