Weekend O’ Projects

Today, we finished Pam’s dream project – Will’s huge magnetic chalkboard in our formal dining room his playroom.

Today, I also built a cover for the sandbox under Will’s swingset, and tested and repaired our DIY irrigation system to get it ready for summer.  I had to make a few minor repairs, but I worried about it all winter (“Did I winterize it correctly?  What if a pipe breaks?”), and it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Tomorrow, we’re going to move some dirt around where things have settled since last year, and hopefully get started on some landscaping in the front yard.

Anxiously Awaiting…

We spent the weekend doing a lot of odds and ends projects around the house anxiously awaiting the call from Troy.  I think by now both Al & Susan are tired of seeing my phone # pop up in their caller id so I promised myself I would only call them once today.  I already broke that promise and left a message first on Susan’s phone and Will left a message for Uncle Al.  Maybe I still kept my promise (na…).

As we were killing time this weekend, check out this hilarous picture of Will in his Elmo jammies.  He had to wear them as soon as I started putting his clean laundry away.  Who can resist the request for jammies during the day?