Will 1.6

Willpower is 18 months old today.  Incomprehensible.

As I couldn’t sleep last night, I was thinking back to how much he’s changed.  Feedings, mobility, speech, personality, activity.  The development is just breathtaking.  From a helpless infant, he’s now Mr. Independent – his latest challenge is walking down the stairs forwards, one giant step at a time, rather than sliding down backwards on his belly.

Uncle Andy came up for a visit last weekend and was kind enough to share his pictures.  I’ve added them to the gallery here.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We had a wonderful weekend at home visiting with all of our friends, Uncle Andy & Andrea.  We started our weekend with a local fish fry again at St. Matthews Catholic Church.  I highly recommend this fish fry to the public.  Even though we are not catholic (at least not me), their fish fry is open to the public and has a great cod sandwich.  We can’t end the Friday night without a stop a the local custard shop – Jarlings!

Saturday brought an entire day of warm weather and so Will spent almost the entire day outside playing with his new best buddy Wade.  We had friends over that night to grill out for dinner and ended the evening with a few hours around the campfire.  The boys worked on Will’s swingset some more adding a huge sandbox behind the slide and Gordy handcrafted a set of stairs to go up to the slide.  Will enjoys his independence by climbing those stairs and sliding down the slide all by himself.

Words of the week:

We are still saying “ELMO” everything

“Wade, Wade, Wade”


“Uncle Andy”

“Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Hippo, Turtle, Giraffe, Snake, Rabbit” – you get the jest – ANIMALS!

“Fish” – and you must do the fish lips and Will gives you a big kiss!

And we must not forget that “Aunt Sissy” is due in less than 2 weeks!!!  Will’s baby girl cousin  is going to be here before we know it.  As you can guess already, I think we will be spending our Easter weekend visiting with the new baby girl in the family :^)


The weather’s been nice for the past few days, so we’ve been spending time outside, working on Will 1.5’s swingset and playing on the Cirks’ down the street.

For Will’s set, we’ve finished putting it up after acquiring it early last winter, and now we’ve added Grandpa Bill’s tire swing, a ladder up to the clubhouse, and a new bucket swing.  We’re still working on the under-the-clubhouse sandbox and a new plywood roof, but it’s coming along nicely.  Willpower has also learned, at the Cirks’, how to climb the ladder up into the clubhouse so that he can slide down the slide all by himself.

To the gallery, I’ve added some photos that Grandma Lois took over the weekend, and all of the pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix that I had inexplicably forgotten.

Sorry, Dad & Angie!  Here’s something to make up for it:

Is there ever going to be warm weather?

These weeks are getting longer by the day with this cold weather.  I guess you can say that Will has a case of cabin fever.  We are inviting indoor games to keep things mixed up.  From playing drums on big metal bowls to pulling off all the couch cushions to create our own jumping area.

I do think he is finally hitting the stage of the terrible twos.  Actually I would call it the hysterical twos at this point because everytime he sticks his finger and body out to say the word “No” a million times in a row, I have to cover my face from laughing so much.  How can such a little guy carry so much attitude?  Beats me, but I am finding it quite interesting.

The other fun phase we are experiencing  is Potty Time!  I don’t have the first clue where to begin with potty training until I start reading some of these books I am checking out from the local library, but he is mastering the art of saying words like “potty,” “pooh” and “flush.”  Along with the words come the motions too.  Although some of the motions have included sticking fingers in the toilet and running out of the bathroom before the wiping process begins saying “No.”

I keep forgettin got post his words of the week, so to catch up for the last few weeks here is his most recent list:



“No, No, No”


“Two” (anytime you count 1-5, he says Two for every number)

When asked ‘whose the best’ – he replies “Mama!” (Thanks Ms. Brandi, Brandi & Brittany!)

“I love you”