Poop & Pacifiers

Will pooped in a toilet for the first time yesterday.  The teachers at school were changing his diaper when he started pooping, and so they plopped him on a toilet to “finish the job.”  We’re starting to actively plot about potty-training Willpower, so we were pretty exciting.  My goal is to have him potty-trained by the end of the year, but we’ll see how it goes.  Everything I read says that the process and timing is different for each kid.

As for pacifiers, we’re trying to wean Willpower away from those as well.  Last night he slept fine without one, but when he was waking up this morning, he started wailing for one.  I’m hoping that he’s done with them by the time he’s 18 months old, which is amazingly at the end of next month.

All in all, we’re pretty busy but very routine around here these days, which is a great thing, but doesn’t lend itself much to blog updates.  We’re getting excited about Will 1.5 getting a new cousin in a few weeks, but other than that everything is pretty sedate.

Here’s a picture of us playing in the backyard from yesterday, when we finally had some decent weather:

Big Weekend Ahead!

Nothing is getting in my way this week, especially not Will’s runny nose, cough, crusty eye and puck!  We are gearing up for the Baby Shower of the Century this coming Saturday.  I am so excited to be planning a shower for my favorite Sister-In-Law/Aunt Sissy!  She is 33 weeks along this week and it’s going way to fast.  So fast that I can’t believe I waited this long to throw her shower, but we had to think about the weather and so forth.  Pray now for little snow and rain.  I am seeing some in the forcast.

Time sure if flying by as I can remember clear as day writing about myself during my pregnancy.  It was hot and I was very tired at 33 weeks.  At least Susan isn’t having the baby in the midst of summer.  Now I am writing about my 16month old who is truly already turning into the terrible but extremely smart 2’s in my mind.  He is so excited to learn and running everywhere.

I think I will start a new weekly posting called:  Word(s) of the week!  Will is all about new words.

And this week is “Hot Dog” and “Applesauce” and lots of animal sounds :)

Sun and Tire

Just a quick update, as everything here is wonderful, except that I’ve been buried with work and Pam is buried with work and Susan’s shower.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, and Grandpa Bill, Grandma Lois and Great-Grandma Jean came to visit.  Bill and I hung a tire swing for Will on his new/old swingset, and the weather was nice enough for him to enjoy it: