Christmas Creeping Up

Will 1.2 is rapidly approaching his second Christmas, and his parents are a bit overwhelmed and behind the curve. We still haven’t started shopping, we still need to do our Christmas cards and letter and we have just a bit more than two weeks to get it all done.


Will’s school had a Christmas party last night, so he got to visit Santa again. It went about as well as it did the first time.

I need to get some new video processed and uploaded. Maybe this weekend….


It has been a busy week for the Hultens.  Between daytime work and evening outings, it has been hard to stay with a routine for Willpower.  Although I bet the highlight of his week was spending 2 hours w/ Ms. Kate last night while mom & dad ventured out for holiday gathering.

I did participate in the my third morning show episode on Thursday morning with WCIA-Channel 3.  If you would like to view the clip click here and view the latest show called “Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?”

Tonight, Will is going to see Santa again for a second time this year over in our old neighborhood in Urbana.  I am guessing he will have the same reaction like the first time which wasn’t very pleasant, but at least we will be among great friends whom we lived by for 5 years.  I miss the “hood” every now and then.  We truly had some great neighbors!