Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We have, as always, very much for which to be thankful this year. On the top of my mind this morning are the following:

  • I’m thankful for babies who sleep for three hours on airplanes:

  • I’m thankful for good health for Willpower, as compared to last year:

  • And I’m thankful for friends and family and the opportunity to spend time with them. I hope your Thanksgiving is as loaded with blessings as ours is.


If you know me, you know I love technology and gadgets and being on the bleeding edge.  When Pam was pregnant with Willpower, we needed a camcorder, so that we could be those parents who annoyingly video everything their child does.  When I was researching them, I assumed that 20 years from now, watching standard definition (SD) video would be like watching the old 8mm videos that our parents and grandparents made us watch when we were growing up.   So I bought a nice but inexpensive HD camcorder.

It takes beautiful video, is easy to use, and is wonderfully light and portable.

Unfortunately, there was a gaping hole in my research:  finding software to edit the HD video files and turn them into something useable (a DVD or a file to share online) was very difficult.

So I (and Grandpa Bill and Uncle Al and others) have been shooting video of Willpower since he was born, but I’ve just been storing all the raw files (about 55 GB worth so far!) because I didn’t know what else to do with them.  Papa Jim has really been giving me a hard time that he hasn’t seen any video of Will 1.1 walking (but don’t ask him about the not-yet-installed webcam we got him for Christmas last year!).

I hope that I’ve solved that problem licked, though.  I’ve been playing around with some software to edit the videos, and I’m hoping I might have something I can share – hopefully in full HD glory via the beautiful people at – soon.

UPDATE: OK – not all the kinks have been worked out just yet.  :-) Below is a video of Will playing in his jumparoo in July, but I must have screwed up something when encoding it, so the quality is a bit lacking. I’ll keep working on it!

Will Hulten (2008-07-09) from Gordy Hulten on Vimeo.

The Biting

When I picked Will 1.1 up from school yesterday, the teacher told me there had been an incident, and that I needed to read and sign an accident report.

“There was a biting,” she said anxiously, awaiting my angry reaction.

“Who did Will bite?” I asked.  “Are they OK?”

“Oh, no.  Will didn’t bite anyone.  His left hand was bitten when he was playing with some other kids.”

I was surprised and relieved, and told the teacher, “Oh.  Well, that’s good news.”

She was surprised and relieved by my reaction, evidently expecting me to be angry that another kid had bitten Will.  I told her that I was more relieved that Will hadn’t been the biter.  Was that wrong?

Anyway, Will is fine – he had some teeth marks on his left hand, but nothing major.

We’ve had another “routine” week with Willpower is just about over.  He’s now just about completely bottle-free, and prefers sippy cups.  Now it’s time to transition him to regular cups.  He drinks juice and whole milk, and is off of formula entirely.  He is eating pretty well when his teeth aren’t bothering him, and loves ice cream just before bedtime.

He’s down to one nap per day, usually in early afternoon, although he’s still not entirely used to it.  Sometimes he’s very tired in the morning and the evening.  He’s still sleeping through the night, going to be about 7:30ish and sleeping until 6:30ish.

He’s started throwing small temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and every few days he’ll throw a big one if he’s tired.  Redirecting him seems to be working well, as does just ignoring him.

We’ll be staying at Al & Susan’s this weekend to help them with a flooring project, and then it’s off to Papa Jim and Grandma Angie’s for Thanksgiving.  I hope Will doesn’t mind the flight too much.

Walking and More Pictures

Will 1.1 is walking very well now, and I’m trying to teach him how to run a little bit better – mostly by chasing him around the house while he laughs uncontrollably.  :-)

I uploaded a few hundred more pictures of him that we took a few weeks ago in October.

My particular favorite:

We now have over 1500 pictures of Willpower up on the website, which is a little more than four pictures for every day that he’s been alive.  I think we’re being excessive, but it’s fun.  Now I need to figure out how to easily share all the HD video we have of him, too.

Congratulations to Susan & Al on their exciting news from yesterday!  I won’t spill the beans, so you’ll have to call them yourselves and tell them to start a blog where they can keep everyone updated.

Niece or Nephew? Tomorrow is the big day for Al & Susan!

I can’t wait until I get the anticipated phone call from Aunt Susan on whether they are having a boy or girl tomorrow.  It seems like only yesterday we were announcing this kind of news and now we can share the excitment of Baby Adomite with the world!  Tune in tomorrow for the big news and good luck on the appointment Al & Susan – wishing we could be there to share our love :@)


Sorry I’ve neglected the blog and photos recently.  While in the middle of the election, I’m not sure I realized just how exhausting the entire thing was, but it’s two days later, and I’m still on empty.

I have some great pictures from an October excursion to Troy that I need to post, and I will – I promise – no later than this weekend.

Right now I’m looking forward to some sleep, some playtime with Will 1.1, a trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and some quiet time to figure out what’s next.

Every change is an opportunity, and this most recent election is no different in that regard.