Thank You Super Heroes!

WillPower, Incredible Dad & Wonder Mom want to extend a special thanks to all of our friends and family who made it out to WillPower’s 1st birthday party.  I never imagined that so many people in our lives would come to help us celebrate such a perfect day.  As a new mom – it’s quite overwhelming.  And if I wait any longer to mention a special thanks to Super Uncle Andy, Grandma Geri and Angela for making the big trek to Champaign – I think there maybe some disappointed super heroes.  You must see this one to believe it and we will never get rid of these photos “Super Andyman!”

We had a few suprises at the door that day – thanks Joe & Shirley!  We had many of our old neighbors and many of our new neighbors come visit.  All of Willpower’s friends got super hero capes as the big party favors and they wore them all day.  The kids enjoyed busting open the Pinata and jumping around in the bounce house.  The day was long but short at the same time.  I don’t feel like I had a good visit in with any one person – but said hello to many!  Thank you to everyone again who helped us celebrate our son’s first birthday and here is to many more!

5 days until he is ONE!

Holy Moly where has the time gone this past year.  I can’t believe in 5 days we are going to be celebrating our son’s first birthday.  I am not sure I could even begin to highlight the events over the last year as I think I am a bit emotional just thinking about it.  Gordy and I just feel so blessed to have Will in our lives, to have started our own family, and to have him as healthy as he is right at this very moment.  Thank you to all of our friends, family and other readers of this blog who have helped us along this great journey so far – and it’s only the first year!

We had a wonderful trip to St. Louis again this weekend and Will was able to spend some time with family.  Grandma Lois, Grandpa Bill, Great-Grandma Jean, Uncle Al, Aunt Susan, Sharon & Mark, Great-Great Uncle Jack & Sandy (that is just to name a few).  Will was able to travel to the annual Old Timer’s Reunion this weekend where he was able to see a ton of other family members.  The old gang who all grew up in Fairview Heights, IL together get together once a year for this great gathering.

We also spent a good portion of Saturday getting prepared for the big Birthday Party this coming weekend.  I can tell you now that you don’t want to miss this party – best party favors EVER!!  Look for pictures after the party is over as I don’t want to spoil the fun just yet.

Will had a great time hangin with Uncle Al while riding on the neighbor’s tractor this weekend.  It looks like Uncle Al could really get used to this full time kid thing – and if you haven’t heard, Will is going to have a cousin sometime in April ’09!  Congrats Uncle Al and Aunt Sissy :*)

Quickly Learning

Will is growing up so quickly that it seems like every day we’re discovering that he’s learned something new.  Pam wrote about his new skills fitting his shapes through the holes in one of his toys.  He’s also walking effortlessly with his walker now, and we keep urging him to take that first independent step.  He’ll turn while standing, going from holding the couch to grabbing the coffee table, but he won’t yet take that first independent step.  We’re really working with him on it, and getting anxious for him to do it.

Grandma and Grandpa Adomite, and Great-Grandma Lenny came up on September 10 to attend an award luncheon for Pam – she was named to Central Illinois Business magazine’s Forty Under 40 inaugural class, which is quite an honor (pictures here).  While they were up, they took Willpower to Curtis Orchard for the afternoon while Pam and I worked, and Lois got some pictures.

I love his little Illini hat.  :-)

It is impossible to grasp that his first birthday is just ten days away.

Shapes and Colors

It is truly amazing everyday to watch our son do something I least expect and it is all about him learning something new.  We were just sitting around yesterday watching the rain and all of a sudden Will puts the yellow wooden circle 5 times in a row through the yellow hole in the box.  Are you kidding me – was my eyes playing tricks on me?  I can’t believe how fast your kids watch you do something over and over and over again and then it just clicks.  His teachers said her learned how to sign ‘more.’  They are working on some of the most basic sign language movements and it is still remarkable to think he is really learning these things.  I am still thinking he is our baby, but he is really growing up so quickly.  Yes, all of my friends are saying to themselves – I told them how fast this would really go and to enjoy the moments when you have them.  Okay – yes, it goes way to quickly.  You should see Will walk across the room with one of his walker toys.  Just a few weeks ago, he would stand up with his toy, but his feet couldn’t stay up with the walker toy.  We are starting to pack up his baby toys and dragging out more big boy toys.  He is so eager to learn!

A Visit to the Lake (and New Pictures!)

Pam, Will and I spent a great three days with Joe and Shirley Bator on Bull Shoals Lake, where Pam’s family has been vacationing for decades and where I’d spent a lot of years joining them.  We had a great time catching up and relaxing with Joe and Shirley, who have a gift for making us feel just as comfortable as possible.  Will spent some time in the lake, and mostly enjoyed it, despite getting overheated on Saturday.  He did very well on the seven-hour drive to-and-from, and we got to spend a few hours with Clan Adomite/Lenny on Monday on the way home.

While down at the lake, Pam and I engaged in some waterskiing – or at least Pam did! – and tubing, and now I’m so sore that I still can’t really use my left arm.  I think Joe may have injured me.  :-)

Will 0.11 (yes, he’s eleven months old now, which seems impossible) experienced lots of new things, but particularly enjoyed napping on the pontoon boat, and eating oreos.

I’ve also uploaded a bunch of pictures, some from as far back as July, into the following albums:


Pam and I are getting busy planning Will’s first birthday party, so stay tuned for more updates!