Sweatshirt, Socks, and Popsicles!

Can you believe this weather?  It is wonderful to take Will out for his evening walk after dinner with this cool weather.  As we made our way down to the Cirks Ranch, the temperature got cooler and we had to borrow a sweatshirt and socks.  Will came also home with blue hands, legs and mouth after eating a blue Popsicle with the Cirks boys.  We are really looking forward to this coming Holiday weekend as we prepare to spend it with the Bators.  It has been years since Gordy and I have been down to Bull Shoals Lake and hang with the lake crew.  My family has been going down to the lake since before we I was born and Gordy started tagging along with this tradition when my brother and I could invite friends to go with us – how nice for me that Al always picked Gordy to come with him!

We are staying on the houseboat docked at Pontiac Cove Marina.  We hear that our old stomping grounds at Oakland Marina are in sad shape.  Hoping to catch a glance while we are there.  It is wonderful to think we can ignite this family tradition again with our new family and teach Will how to ride the innertubes with socks on his arms and legs.  Oh just wait until Joe & Shirley break out the old pictures some day Will – we are all in trouble then.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

We got a call from Will 0.10’s school today – Will has strange red spots on his torso, and there are more of them this afternoon than there were this morning.

His pediatrician isn’t concerned, as there’s no sign of fever or any other symptoms yet.  But I’m already thinking, “chicken pox.”  I think he’s too young for it, but who knows?  If the spots keep multiplying through tomorrow morning, then we’re supposed to bring him into the pediatrician.

Great Weekend

Pam and Will and I had a great weekend in Troy, seeing old friends from long-ago campaigns at a fundraiser for Rep. Ron Stephens on Friday night, hosted by Al & Susan, the hosts with the most.

Saturday we visited with my Mom in the morning, had a great afternoon pool party at the Parsons’ place, hosted by the Fisk Family Five.  It was great to spend relaxing time with everyone.  Saturday night was a birthday celebration for Grandpa Bill.

Sunday we went to our church-away-from-home, and Willpower was introduced to more old friends.  In the afternoon, we had bruch at Grandma & Grandpa Adomite’s, and paid a visit to Great-Grandpa Paul.  Will particularly enjoyed brunch:

We packed a lot into the weekend, but it was all perfect.  Thanks to everyone – we had a great time.

Virus and a Bean

Will 0.10 has been fighting a nasty little bug since sometime on Saturday.  We took him to Chicago to play with Jack Bossert, and starting that evening he was fussy and out-of-sorts.  On Sunday he was worse, and last night he was just not himself – fever, no appetite, no energy.  Pam stayed home with him today, and we got him into his doctor after his fever hit 103 this morning.

This is just a virus, unrelated to the ear infection he had last week.  Ears, eyes, lungs, everything else looks fine.  Doctor Hill said we’d just have to fight this one out, using Tylenol for the fever and that his appetite would return once the fever broke.  Yippee!

Here’s a cute picture from Willpower visiting Chicago’s Bean in Millennium Park on Saturday.

Website Theme

I’ve been playing around with a new look (“theme”) for gordyhulten.com for a while now, and I finally found time to finish it and turn it on.

So things will look a bit different around here, but the content hasn’t changed.  And I’ll try to be better about posting updates – both posts and pictures – more often.


UPDATE:  Never mind.  Internet Explorer sucks, and wasn’t diplaying the theme correctly.  Back to the drawing board…

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Never mind again.  The new theme was working fine, and I’m an idiot.  I hope you like it.  And Internet Explorer still sucks.  Firefox is the web browser used by smart, good-looking people.

Over the summer cold hump…

Well at least Will and mommy are hover the summer cold hump at this point.  There is much more to say about daddy as I think he is finally catching up with the rest of us in getting this horrible cold.  Sorry Gordy :*(

I have to say that babies and antibiotics are not good combinations though.  Medicines do wonderful things to the already sensitive digestive systems of babies.  Other fun things about our fast growing son include climbing the stairs like a crazy man, eating pretty much all big people foods except for his bottles throughout the day (he loves chicken and bratwurst), and yes he is already mastering the art of a temper tantrum!  Who knew at the ripe age of 10 1/2 months old, he would learn how to get his way with mom by lunging his head back abruptly, stiffining his arms and legs, and screaming his heart out.

Things I am beginning to wonder about as he turns the big ONE:

  • when do the bottles stop and we start with real milk (or what about all this mail I have been getting on continuing your child with Emfamil’s Next Step formula until the age of two)
  • flintstones vitamins – if he is not on formula, how is he going to get enough nutrition
  • do we really need to put up baby gates – I sure can’t keep up with his motor butt so I think the answer is yes on this one
  • we still need to find a good home for our two cats – I am sliding this one in because our arrangements fell through last weekend and we really have to get them out of the house for Will’s allergy sake.  His face is breaking out again.
  • I am struggling with what toys should we be working with that encourage more learning.  It feels like everything we have right now falls under the baby category still.  I did get out to some garage sales last weekend and got two really cool toys that help him to stand and walk.  One is a V-Tech Sit to Stand toy that I got for $4 (retail $69) and it doesn’t have a mark on it.