Random Thoughts

  1. The staph infection on Will’s face is already looking better. He started the antibiotic last night, but I think it may be that we’re washing his face with just a wet washcloth every 15 minutes.
  2. The home inspector used by the people buying our house is a complete idiot. More on that later, including maybe an entire website (and google infamy!) dedicated to this clown once we’ve closed.
  3. Pam had a flat tire last week. It cost her $15 to fix it. I had a flat tire this morning. It cost me $500 for four new tires.
  4. Cardinal Glennon has been wonderful to work with for all of Willpower’s medical problems. I don’t know what we would have done without them. But their billing is an absolute nightmare. They’ve billed me from at least four different entities (SSM; Cardinal Glennon Physicial Billing; SLU Care; SLU Dept. of Anesthesiology). And SSM, which is the main hospital billing service, for some reason uses a different account number for every day of service, so we have about 14 different account numbers just for SSM. Of course, I pay all my bills online, so I was sending them payments, but all for the one account number I had used when I created them as a payee. The results was that I had way overpaid on one account while ignoring the others. So they kept sending me refund checks. And new bills showing that I still owed them money. I was pretty aggravated when I finally called them got it all straightened out, almost six months after Will’s surgery. And then, yesterday, they send one more bill. For $1.75. Aaarrrgggh!
  5. Uncle Al has a new political blog.
  6. Pam and I need to pick out a mailbox for the new house. Any suggestions?

Will 0.7

Will turned seven months old yesterday.  He and Mom spent Friday night and most of Saturday in Troy with the Adomite/Lenny clan.

Willpower is really rolling over now, and refuses to stay on his back if you try to lay him that way.  As for crawling, sometimes it looks like he’s pretty close, and other times not at all.  He’s not yet mastering getting up on his hands and knees and lifting his round belly up off the floor, so I imagine that’s the next step.

His cough is finally getting a little better, after dealing with it for a month or more.  But his face is a trainwreck, with eczema or something that is just progressively getting worse.  His skin is raised and red and bumpy, sometimes drying to rough scaly patches.  We’ve tried everything on it – Eucerin, Aquaphor, A&D, Neosporin, and two different hydrocortisone concentrations via prescription.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m frustrated enough with it that I’m taking Will 0.7 back to the doctor today to specifically discuss his face and how to fix this.  I’ve never seen a baby with skin this irritated:

Also, his skin and face are so bad that taking his picture is pretty pointless.  I’ve been trying to get a snapshot every day with my phone and uploading to Flickr.  You can always seen the latest of those photos in the box at upper-right called “Willpower via iPhone.”  Clicking on that image will take you to a slightly larger version, with all of the pictures that we’ve captured that way.

Will 0.7 is eating very well, usually doing cereal for breakfast, fruits and veggies and cereal for lunch, and a meat/protein with veggies and cereal for dinner.  He really likes cereal, as you can see, but still gets 20 or 30 ounces of formula from his between-meals and nighttime bottles.

Other than that, Will is doing great.  He’s helping us pack up the house and looking forward to vacation and the move.

Willpower’s New Home

Now that we’ve mostly agreed on the big stuff (price, closing date of May 30, possession on May 24) Pam and I bugged our Realtor into letting us take some photos of our new home so we could share with Willpower’s online Fan Club.

You can view all the photos here, but the only one that really matters is Will 0.6 showing off his new room:

Now we only have a few weekends left to pack and get moved.

Willpower Incorporated Galactic Headquarters

After much gnashing of teeth and back-and-forth, we’ve finally come to a mostly-final agreement with both the buyers of our current home and the seller of our next home. We’ll be closing on both properties on Friday, May 30, but the builder of our new home is graciously allowing us to start moving Memorial Day weekend, which is about a week early.

We’re searching for a nickname for our new home, in the vein of “Adomite Compound” or “Cirks’ Ranch.” We’ve talked about “Willpower Station,” which is great for the train connotations, but it sounds too 1980s-ish for our tastes. I’m leaning towards Willpower Incorporated Galactic Headquarters, but it’s rather unwieldy. :-)

The new home is located here, almost exactly ten miles due west of where we currently live. Instead of living in southeast Urbana, we’ll be in southwest Champaign.

View Larger Map

The home’s information has been pulled off the internet real estate listings, as it’s under contract for sale, so we can’t share any pictures at the moment. We do have a floor plan which we can share, and hopefully we’ll get some pictures soon.

As it is, we need to complete some minor repairs to our current house that our buyer requested, and we need to pack – quickly!

Back into Will’s World!

In the midst of all this house stuff, we forgot to mention that he is rolling over on his own.  He did 4 times the other night and then completely wore himself out.  I think we also have a little more teething going on as the report from daycare yesterday was that he was fussy all day for no apparent reason.  Just a hunch though since I have not idea what else it could be.  He is eating like a champ these days.  I can’t throw enough oatmeal cereal, formula, and gerber vegetables/fruits all mixed together in a bowl for him to eat.  It’s about the consistency of mashed potatoes and he gulps them down in big bites.  Feeding time is a lot of fun right now and I am sure I won’t be saying that too long when he figures out how to really grab the spoon from me and start flinging the food everywhere.  For now – it’s adorable to see him eat!

And yes – Will has a new house – more to come and pictures this weekend hopefully!

Home Inspection Monday

Our home inspection on the house we’re selling is tomorrow afternoon.  If there are no major problems (and I certainly don’t expect any) then we will be making an offer to purchase a home on Monday evening.  We’ve looked at about 15 houses over the past week, and we have three or four we really like.  Given the market for real estate right now, we’re going to see what kind of deal we can get.

We’ll keep you posted if and when any agreements have been reached.  Wish us luck on the home inspection, as it’s the last hurdle to selling our house.