6 Mo Well Baby Visit

Will visited his local pediatrician, Dr. Malcolm Hill, this morning and had a great review.  He weighs 16.1 lbs and measures 26 1/2 in long.  His diet is great so far with cereal, vegetables and working on more fruits.  We will be starting to introduce some protein over the next few months and giving him opportunities to drink out of a cup instead of bottles.  The doctor said it is also time for us to get Will to sleep through the night and not wake up for his one night feeding anymore.  And as much as we enjoy watching Will travel around the house in his new walker, he still needs a lot of tummy time to begin movements of rolling over and crawling.  Today he is happy and healthy and that is all we can ask for!

Will 0.6

Six months ago today, at about 5:45 AM, William James Hulten was born.

I don’t know why, but I spent last night reading back through all the hip surgery posts. The one below is still the picture that bothers me the most, from after they accidentally double-sedated him for the hip aspiration.

It’s still amazing to me how sick he was, how frightened we were, how well he’s doing now, and how happy I am that he’s made it to six months.

This is what Will 0.6 looks like now.

Thanks to everyone for helping us get this far. And here’s to many, many, many more. Happy half-birthday, Willpower.

Server Migration

If you’ve noticed any problems here over the past few days, it’s due to a server migration.  I’ve moved gordyhulten.com from a hosting company to my own server, and moving the photo gallery installation was rather difficult.

Everything should be working mostly normally now, but there still may be some lingering problems.

We’ve also got a bunch of great photos of Willpower from Grandma and Grandpa Adomite’s visit over Easter weekend.  I hope to get those uploaded tonight.


Spring is not here

Thursday is the first day of spring, but you wouldn’t really know it by standing outside. It was bitterly cold today and kept getting colder as the day went on. We can’t wait for the warmer days when Will can ride in his stroller that really hasn’t seen anything other then the 4 closet walls that it sits in. It is still clear that spring is not here due to the large influx of infections roaming around daycare. Pink eye is back and the flu is back. What will Willpower pick up this week? Who knows, but looking forward to washing away all the germs when things get warmer. Will is doing much better today. I did keep him home from school on Monday because he was still running a very low grade fever, but nothing compared to his 103 peak on Saturday.

On a happier note, Will has some great THINGS happening!

  1. Sitting independently on the floor playing with toys
  2. Eating like a maniac (when it’s time for food) – sometimes he reminds us of a hungry baby bird with his mouth open wide feverishly searching for the next bite :=)
  3. Learning to fall asleep in the crib at night – well a true test on mom for those who understand the CIO method (cry it out)
  4. Will is taking after his mom already as being a top fundraiser – he is selling flowers and cookie dough for his school so they can purchase new outside playground equipment (let us know if you would like to buy anything!!!)
  5. Played with green JELLO on St. Patty’s Day at school (required bath afterwards)

Did I mention that Will is fundraising for his school? Here is a glance at the brochures:

Waiting to hear!

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting to hear how Will’s appointment went on Friday in St. Louis.  I feel horrible that we haven’t been able to post anything for days now, but hear me out.  Will and I had great plans of spending a wonderful long weekend together in Troy since dad was out on his annual guys weekend trip at the Big Ten Basketball tournament.  And then Will got this viral infection.  I am certain as Jill Fisk is reading this post, she is saying to herself, but I just saw them after Will’s appointment on Friday morning.  Well, by Friday night and into Saturday, Will’s fever peaked at 103 and I was ready to drive home to be near our doctors.

Having a small child with an high fever is not fun at all – actually pretty scary.   Fevers in the middle of the night mean two things – no sleep and fussy child.  And this time I am flying solo – brings new light to all those single moms out there with multiple children.

It’s Monday now and I am staying home with Will one more day before he goes back to daycare.  He really needs to be fever free for 24 hours before he can return.  Thankfully, we are past the worst of his infection and his temperature is back under 100 today!

And so now that I have bored you all with everything but his test results – they are fantastic.  Dr. Aki Puryear has officially given him a clean bill of health in terms of his hip and that is great!  We don’t have to go back for a follow up for an entire year.  Dr. Puryear is still an anxious as we are though to see what our team of immunology doctors have to say.  I will be doing some follow up with them later this week.

Good Times / 0.5

Pam and I haven’t been posting very frequently because everything is going so very well.  Will is now five months old.  He’s sitting up unassisted, and enjoys playing very much.

He’s eating really well.  He enjoyed sweet potatoes for a while, but then decided he didn’t like them.  He wouldn’t really try squash, probably because they look so much like sweet potatoes.  So we switched to green veggies, and he’s been great with green beans and peas.  He’s still eating rice cereal every morning, and chugs formula like it’s going out of style.  He’s a world-class pooper, blowing out an average on one diaper/outfit per day.  They absolutely love having him at his school.  I picked him up early today, and his teachers started pouting because they wanted to spend more time with him.  :-)

Pam is taking him back to Cardinal Glennon for some check-ups with Dr. Aki Puryear for his hip on Friday.  We are expecting everything to be fine.  Will 0.5 is will get some quality time with Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill and the rest of the Adomite/Lenny clan.  I think Pam is going to visit with the Fisks as well.

His skin has been greatly improved by the hydrocortisone prescribed by our pediatrician.  He was looking so good tonight that I had to get some pictures.  I really like this one, which is actually a pretty typical expression for Willpower – he’s just a very happy baby.

We’re so lucky that we get to experience this.


Just as Will 0.5 is getting his first tooth, Mom is having a root canal and crowns.

Will is also eating solid foods pretty well.  He liked sweet potatoes for a while, but doesn’t seem to like them now, so we’ll try starting squash this weekend.  Based on advice from Pam’s Moms Advisory Council, we’re starting with orange vegetables, moving to green veggies, and then to fruits, on the theory that if we start with green veggies, he’ll never eat the orange ones, and so on.

Will is also sleeping a little longer as we’re getting more consistent about letting him “cry it out” when putting him down for the night.

Everything else is great!  Anxious for Spring and some decent weather for a change.

Will is Great – now it’s mom & dad.

Will is doing fantastic these days.  Other than figuring out all of this new stuff as new parents, we couldn’t be happier with the way things are going for our son.  He loves his school, he loves his teachers, he loves bath time, he is having spectacular poppy diapers, he has lots of friends and he has the best parents in the world!

Now on to Mom & Dad.  Well, I think Gordy officially has the stomach flu.  We were still narrowing it down last night as to whether it was my chicken salad at lunch (that didn’t affect me) or if he really has more going on.  This mornings events are leading us to believe its the stomach flu.  And, ready for the kicker, I think I have an infection in the teeth that the dentist worked on last week to place temporary crowns.  Yes, two crowns.  Like clockwork, every 4 hours I am overdue for Tylenol because the pain is radiating up through my nose, temple and into the top of my head! Just returned from a trip to the dentist to discuss this situation and they can’t see anything, but likely its an infection.

Where is this warm weather – they are predicting up to 8 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow.  Maybe we will have a snow day?