Four Months

Willpower was born four months ago today, which is unbelieveable.

We made a quick trip to Troy for the weekend, spending some great quality time with Uncle Al and Aunt Susan, who fed him (and us!) and changed diapers and generally spoiled the crap out of all three of us. Pam is getting over her cold, and Will 0.4 is feeling much better than he was on Friday, so this looks to be a pretty good week. He has a four-month “well-baby” visit this week, at which he’ll get his routine four-month immunizations.

With Will, we’re currenlty working on grabbing skills, trying to roll over from tummy to back, vocalizing, and we’ll probably try giving him some rice cereal mixed with formula this week. His favorite playtime is in the jumparoo, or playing tickle games. He loves Mom reading to him every night.

He’s over 14 pounds, and eating about six ounces per feeding. He still wakes up once at night, going down at 8:30-ish, waking at 1:00 or 2:00, and then again at around 6:00.

We’re trying to find a decent airfare to visit Papa Jim and Grandma Angie in Phoenix in February, and thinking about spring and summer plans to try and get us through the winter.

Quick Update

A quick update before the whole family settles into bed.

The blood culture came back negative, which means that Will does not have the same type of infection as he had in his hip in November.

His cough is slightly better, as is his disposition.

He has a mild ear infection, which is what the blood tests picked up yesterday.

Oral antibiotics for a week. Pam has tomorrow off work for MLK Jr. Day, so Will will stay home with her. Hopefully I feel well enough to go to work, or else Pam is going to force me to the doctor for antibiotics, too.

Sick Will

We knew, with Will 0.3 going to school every day, that he was going to catch colds and be sick. We just didn’t know it would happen so soon.

I missed work with a sinus infection of Thursday (and probably should have stayed home Friday, too). Most of Will’s class was out sick on Friday, and we picked him up early to try to protect him a bit. Unfortunately, Willpower is now sick, and was really miserable Friday night, screaming in a way that we hadn’t heard before. We think he was choking on his own snot, and it was scaring him. He slept very poorly, and so did we, and was running a fever of 101 to 102 most of the night.

We got him a pediatrician’s appointment this morning, and explained to yet another new doctor everything about Will’s medicial history – for some reason, our hospital and doctors are unable or unwilling to update his patient records with everything that happens at Cardinal Glennon, so we have to explain all that he’s been through, and why we are so overcautious when he runs a fever. Their carelessness with his records is frustrating, to say the least.

That said, this pediatrician (Dr. Malcom Hill) was excellent. He understood all our concerns about treating infections aggressively because of Will’s possible immune system deficiency. He immediately reassured us that he was taking this very seriously, and order blood tests to see the extent of the infection, and a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. Two hours later, the blood tests indicate a fairly serious infection, so he ordered a 24-hour dose of injected antibiotics, with a follow-up visit tomorrow morning. His nurse even took a copy of Will’s records from St. Louis, and marked them for high-priority entry in his records at Carle. Hopefully, Dr. Hill can become Will’s regular pediatrician.

The concern with this infection, as it is every time Will gets sick, is twofold. First, we don’t yet know if his immune system is deficient, so every infection needs to treated aggressively with anti-biotics, per his immunoligists at Cardinal Glennon.

Second, his IV antibiotics for his hip surgery ended only ten days ago, and there’s a possibility for the E.Coli bacteria that infected his hip to once again rear its ugly head. The blood tests they’re doing today include an overnight culture, so if they see any indications of that, they’ll let us know immediately rather than wait for the appointment tomorrow.

Right now, Will is napping with Mom on the couch. They’re both exhausted from last night, and Will is still pretty miserable.

Today is the long awaited day!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited we are about it being the DAY! The day that Will’s PICC line will be removed. Sometime around 4:15pm tonight, Heather from Carle Home Healthcare will arrive at our house and she will begin the process of removing the line. It’s a WILL DAY! I will pick him up early from school just so we get in his last dose of antibiotics and we have him ready to go. I spoke with Heather early this week about the process and boy is it less of a scare than when the line went in. It almost felt like another surgery when they put the line in, but this is just pulling the tube out from the main vein to the heart. We did discuss what the worst case scenerio would be because I told her at this point, I have to mentally prepare myself for anything with the way our medical history has been so far. Really she said if it feels like she is having to tug on the tubing more than just pulling it out, she will cease the process and we will have to seek a Doctor to finish the process. But, the process is going to be just fine, she will slap some gauze and some tape around the hole and it should be scabbed over by the morning!

We will post a before and after picture hopefully later this evening. We already took the before pictures last night. Will is such a ham these days for the camera. Tonight, we will celebrate as a family that Will is healthy and back living the life of a normally baby boy! Okay – mom is starting to cry so that is all for now! Luv Pam

Weekend with Willpower

A nice, relaxing weekend at home with Will 0.3.  We had a great time on Saturday night, with about 25 friends at the new Jupiter’s.  On Sunday, we went back to Windsor Road Christian Church, where we keep running into more and more friends.

Will was in a great mood most of the weekend, and he’s really starting to enjoy playtime.  We need to find new ways to challenge him, though.  Sometimes I think he gets bored.

Four more days of antibiotics, and then his PICC line can come out on Thursday evening.  I can’t wait.