Like A Weed

Will had his one-month “Well Baby” checkup with the Doctor this afternoon.

  • He weighs 9 lbs, 10 1/4 oz
  • He is 22.5 inches long (re-affirming that his birth length of 17 or 18 inches wasn’t accurate)
  • Crossed eyes are normal until after the second month
  • Sleeplessness is OK, as long as it’s during the day
  • One poop per day is plenty
  • Pacifier use is highly recommended – at this age, it gives him something to suck on without overeating, and it’s easier to take away later

The nurse gave him a thorough inspection, rolling him over and about and poking and prodding, and Will is doing just fine. No immunizations today – those will be on his next visit on December 12.

His growth has been, to me, most impressive. He just feels so much bigger and stronger and sturdier than when he was born. He’s getting very good at holding up his head, and has very strong legs.

EDIT:  Looks like Pam beat my post by a few minutes.   Of course, it’s not like she has anything better to do…  ;-)

1 Month Check-Up!

Will had his one month checkup at the doctor’s office today.  It was great!  Can you guess how much he weighs now?  He was born at 7lbs 7 ozs.  He is now weighing in at 9lbs 10 ozs.  And is measuring at 22 1/2 inches in height.  Everything is A-OKAY.  Will goes back in one month for his 2 month check in.  He will get a few shots at that time.  We are just thrilled at his growing progress.

Four Weeks

It’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks already.

Will and Pam are heading to Troy to see the Adomite/Lenny side of the family and spend some time with Grandma Lois for her 178th birthday. (She’s older than dirt, you know…)

More pictures are up today from the weekend visit with Papa Jim and Grandma Angie. Good times and great memories. I was very proud to introduce our son to my Dad, that’s for sure.

And I still can’t believe it’s been four weeks already.

Can’t always make him happy

You quickly find out that after a diaper change, feeding, a burb and some spit-up and maybe a passing of gas that babies are still not happy.  This makes for a long day and tired parents.  It is very frustrating when you try all the right things to get Will to stop fussing and crying, but he still has something there that is making him very unhappy.  You begin questioning your own skills and knowledge of babies and boy will that drive you crazy.  As a first time mom, this is not a healthy thing to do.

So will he poop today – god only knows, but I think it will make him feel a lot better.

Saying Goodbye…

Papa Jim and Grandma Angie are leaving today. Just in this short amount of time, Will has adapted very well to being spoiled and loved by them both. He recognizes their voices and touch. He loves to have his diaper changed by Angie in the front room. He also loves to sleep on Jim’s shoulder while watching some quality ESPN sports for a few hours. We are so thankful for Will to have this time with them and can’t wait for the next time he gets to see them. We have some great pictures from this weekend that we will get posted shortly. For now – it’s back to the airport to see them off. Saying goodbye for now…

Papa Jim & Grandma Angie arrived!

Last night, Will finally got to meet his other grandparents – Papa Jim and Grandma Angie. We are very excited to share this with them. Things are going well this morning and Will is doing great. He is burping like a champion with Grandma Angie and Papa Jim.

I think Jim and Angie are in for a real shock with 40 mi/hr winds and high of 70 degrees. Nice weather for a typical Champaign/Urbana day but far from being Arizona weather. Hoping they packed long sleeves and pants if they still have any.

Just like mom.

Come to find out, if Will doesn’t get enough sleep he gets really crabby – just like mom. He still gets his good looks from his dad, but there are a few traits he is picking up from his mom. Will decided to stay up again last night from before dinner time until 11pm. It wasn’t the most pleasant time awake. I think he is having some pooping troubles, but Dad thinks it was just him being overly tired. Will also sleeps with his hands over his head – just like mom. For the last year or year and a half, I for whatever reason have become a huge snorer and love to sleep with my hands and arms over my head.

Well, one more day until Grandpa Jim and Grandma Angie arrive – we can’t wait for them to meet their grandson Will – get here soon!

New photo album – Week TWO

Bound to be more rough nights…

Will’s schedule was the pits last night.  He slept while we had dinner and dessert with Uncle Jackie.  But then decided to be up from 9-midnight.  Then up again at 1am, 3am, 4am, 6am 8am – and still up.  Okay – at 11:15am he is finally sleeping.  Well, Daddy and him are chillin on the couch watching the Illini Game together.

Will and I had a wonderful visitor yesterday – Aunt Karen.  If you already haven’t noticed, Will is adopting many Aunts and Uncles.  Karen drove over from Indy yesterday to meet Will and hang out.  I will post a few new pictures later.  Highlight of the day yesterday – well, Will did decide to spit up all over Karen’s clothes right before she left.  Will says he is sorry!