Missing and Waiting

Right now, in a “normal” year, Pam and I would be wandering around Yellowstone National Park, enjoying breathtaking surroundings while on our way to the Gorge.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about, though.  But sometimes thinking about something we’ve sacrificed makes the anticipation more real.

For the record, my predicted arrival date for Little Pundit is September 14, which would be about ten days early. I just have a hunch that he’s coming sooner than we think, and for some reason, I just think that’s the day.  :-)

(And here’s one of my favorite pictures and memories from last year’s trip out West.  I can’t wait to take Little Pundit out there with us some day…)

Week 36 – oh my!

Wow, it’s already WEEK 36!  Things are going well, I guess as well as can be expected at this stage.  I am always out of breath, very tired at night, lots of new pelvic pressure later in the evenings, my feet hurt, can’t breathe out of my nose, and I think Baby Hulten has moved down slightly.

We might be getting a whole lot closer to having this baby – oh my!

I think we need to get our hospital bags packed this weekend just in case.  I would love to see this hold out another 4 weeks, but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like that is going to happen.  I begin my weekly doctor’s appointments this week starting tomorrow.  I have several questions about how we tell where we are at in this process and can they predict anything sooner.  Well, I will report more after my appointment tomorrow!

Week 35 and Still Alive!

Really starting to get anxious about having Little Pundit. At this point, we are just weeks away from having him. I now understand how pregancy can prepare you for when the baby is out because we barely slept a wink last night. It was too hot and way too uncomfortable to sleep. And I guess when I do catch a wink of sleep, my loud snoring is too much for Gordy so we are both up. Oh, isn’t this all fun!

It’s Week 35! And the crib is officially assembled. I will post pictures of the baby’s room this weekend. It’s

Champaign Baby Shower Pics!

We finally have the Champaign Baby Shower pictures uploaded to VIEW! We had to wait for the disc to arrive from Grandma Lois as she took the pictures at the shower. Thanks again for such a great shower. Gordy and I are truly blessed to have such great friends and family. I can’t thank my friend Teresa enough for making a perfect day to celebrate the forthcoming of Baby Hulten!

Week 34 – Yep the fatigue has set in

It’s Week 34 and yes all signs say the fatigue has set in again. I am always anxious at the end of the day to come home and put my feet up and get into my pajamas right away.  I think the # of times I climb up and down the stairs at my office everyday is really starting to catch up with me.  Yesterday I counted that I went up and down the stairs 18 times.  Great exercise, but exhausting.  The weight pressure of the baby by the end of the day is becoming more for me to handle as well.  It feels great to hit the bed at night.

It sure sounds like I am complaining a bit here – but I really don’t want it to be that way.  With only 6 weeks left to go – I feel very lucky and fortunate to be where I am at.  I have only gained 20.5 lbs so far and no swelling to speak of.  And with the weather above 90 degrees everyday, I thank my lucky stars I get to be in airconditioning all day.

Update on the baby room:  we were all set to assemble the crib last weekend while Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill were around, but we found that we were missing a major part.  I ordered the part today and should arrive in a week or so.  I think the rest of the baby items have a least found a place for now.  In the midst of setting up the house for a baby, we are also trying to keep it to a minimum as the house is on the market as well.  Our real estate agent is running our first open house on Sunday in which we have some serious cleaning and putting away to do.

Rountine Dr’s appointment today and we begin doing weekly visits after the next one.  Hard to believe – we are almost there!!!  Can’t wait to meet BABY HULTEN!

My wonderful shower!

Thanks to everyone who came out for my last big shower this weekend here in Champaign. It was very special and great to see all of my wonderful friends and family. I will be posting all of the great pictures later this week as Grandma Lois has the pictures still on her camera! In the mean time, many of you have been wanting to see my ever growing belly, so you can do so here.

If you are not keen on seeing a bare big belly, I don’t recommend clicking on the link. But, Baby Hulten eventually needs to see where he came from right?

So the next big step before Baby Hulten decides to come is getting the house truly ready for a baby. We still need to assemble the crib and pack our hosptial bags. With the wonderful help of family this weekend, we were able to sort out the rest of our gifts and get the baby room organized, I think. Now it’s a matter of learning as we go. As one of our baby gifts so nicely states: “Instruction Book not included”

There really isn’t a detailed instruction book on how to care for a child. Looking forward to learning as we go!

How to beat the heat at Week 33?

Yeah, I would surely like to know how to beat this heat. I just went out for my noon Rotary lunch and truly just feel sick to my stomach it’s so hot out. Yuck…

Week 33 is here. Everything is still going well, I feel good, but truly having a bit of trouble sleeping at night. I am like a furnace when I sleep and you just can’t get comfortable with this big belly out in front. Rolling over is quite the effort these days and you just can’t help but laugh at yourself when you do roll over. Sometimes I feel like I need a rope to pull myself to the other side. That’s why I have such a wonderful husband.

Looking forward to this weekend when the family comes to visit for my shower in Champaign. The best part about having showers is getting to hang out with everyone.