Week 32 – less than 8 to go!

Tomorrow is a big day – we are having our last sonogram and feels like forever ago since we did the first one.  I can’t wait to see Baby Hulten again.  I think my emotions are kicking into full force because as soon as I think about the appt tomorrow, my eyes began to swell with joyful tears.

Reading the Week 32 update online:  Baby Hulten could be nearing 4 lbs and measuring in around 17 inches long.  We will find out the true details hopefully tomorrow.  He should have some peach fuzz hair, nails and soft skin – growing like crazy over the next few weeks for preparation to enter this big scary world!

2 months to go!

It’s officially down to 2 months and counting.  I can’t believe in less than 2 months Little Pundit is going to arrive in our lives for the very first time.  Wow!!!

It’s WEEK 31 of the pregancy!  Baby Hulten could possibly weigh just over 3lbs now and measure in at 16 inches long.  Amazing.  I need to work on a few things over the next few weeks.  Organizing the baby room, setting up the crib, washing clothes and blankets, packing the Hosptial bag(s), making our phone call lists, figuring out what else we need to take care of Little Pundit when he arrives (do we have the essentials?), oh my the list is getting long.

A week from today is the last Sonogram – can’t wait!

Part 2 – Child Birth Class

It was an enlightening 3 hours of child birthing information again last night. This was our last class on this subject matter so it’s hard to believe the next steps are going to involve the real thing – labor and delivery. It’s almost like studying for the biggest college final exam there is and then actually taking the test. The anticipation is going to drive us crazy.

Last night’s agenda for the class included more videos on the actual birth of babies and great information on what types of pain medication are available and how those are administered. Also a video on ceserean births. We also did another hour of breathing techniques to prepare for the delivery and watched as our teacher taught us on the pushing stage. No practicing there…

The highlight of the evening was the grand tour of the new birthing suites at Carle Hospital. Boy, when they build, they certainly do it right with all the amenitites just like a hotel. I had the opportunity to see the before and after at this point as we visited our dear friend Teresa while she was in the hospital with her second child over a year ago. The new floors are amazing. There are three different rooms that I could potentially be while staying at Carle. If you are admitted early on in the process, there is a smaller room, but very nice for you to speed up the process. Then you will be moved to the birthing suite. It is larger than any hotel room I have ever been in. This is where Little Pundit will be born unless other conditions present themselves. I will remain in the birthing suite a few hours after delivery and then move up to the Post Delivery rooms one more floor up. They are just as nice. Moving right into a new week! Count Down – 2 months 2 days!

Week 30 – Not So Bad

It’s crazy to think I am really heading into the home stretch with being in Week 30 already. We had a wonderful Doctors appointment yesterday with Dillard and she is very reassuring that when the labor & contractions begin, she will guide both of us through this process. All I can do is read, read and read more about Epiderals and Epesiodomys episiotomies. I did receive some wonderful advice from my trusty Mom-Support system (Teresa, Jill, Carol & Karen) on what to bring to the hospital for me, Gordy and Baby Hulten. Thanks a million for all the wonderful tips!

I have officially gained 18 lbs now through the pregnancy and the Doctor is very pleased with everything else showing in tests and so forth. I passed the most recent glucose test – YEAH!

We are now gearing up for the Week 32 Sonogram on August 1st. I can’t wait to see Little Pundit again. It’s going to be amazing!!!

Part 1 – Childbirth Education Class

Woo, Wee! It was an interesting night attending our first session on Pre-Childbirth Education. It’s basically the birthing class; learn about breathing, learn how to cope with pain & contractions; learn about how to communicate with your coach (my hubby); and yes, we watched our first birthing video! 3 hours of FUN, FUN, FUN!

First of all, our class make-up could not have been any more interesting. Older couples, partners, single moms, and Gordy & I. We had a hard time focusing on the things the teacher was talking about because even the teacher was nutz. You have to be a little nutz in order to teach how to breathe through contractions. It doesn’t necessarily sound like breathing for pain relief, rather sounds like what it takes to make a baby if you know what I mean. I guess Gordy and I need to work on wearing our more “Serious Hats” while attending these sessions because we were having trouble with focusing. I think the teacher said we would be spending an entire hour next session on practicing what sounds I will make when dealing with contractions – the “Hee” sound or the “Choo” sound. Or I can make up my own!

Second, this is all becoming so much more real in that we really need to prepare ourselves for the average length of labor & contractions. We should prepare ourselves for 12-24 hours of this stuff. Oh my! I would like to think I could follow in the footsteps of my mother’s two pregnancies where she barely made it to the hospital and my brother and I were ready to pop out, but what are the chances of that.

Third, when you have never really been around a friend or family member who has experienced this sort of thing – yes, I am having trouble talking about giving birth, it’s eye opening to watch how the baby comes out. You know where it comes out, but it’s the HOW…

Forth, all of this really doesn’t really play a high priority because all I can pray and think about is that the baby is breathing and is healthy when he comes out. I need to mentally prepare myself for childbirth – but it’s the end result that I am so nervous and anxious for. I want to hear those words from Doctor Dillard – he is fine!

Well, 10 weeks and 1 day to go!!!!!!!!!

It’s Happy Friday the 13th!

You may or may not know that Friday the 13th is a very lucky day for the Adomite World.  Grandma Lois has always said this is her kind of day since we grew up at 13 Price Drive.  Well, nothing lucky has happened but at the same time nothing disastrous has happened either and that’s the important one.

I did experience my first birthing dream last night – it was almost too much to handle, but I am certain it was prompted by the Infant CPR class we took last night before I went to bed.  I can remember distinctively that I was following all the safety precautions of Choking/CRP by asking someone to go get help and come back, but I wasn’t doing CPR in my dream.  I was having a baby.  Woo, I am not sure I am ready for more dreams like that.

Isn’t it funny (or at least in my case), how your dreams correspond with what you may have talked about or did that same day.  My dreams get out of control though and usually take it to the most extreme with those situations.  Very vivid, very much in color, and I always feel exhausted when they wake me up so suddenly because I want the dream to be over.

This brings me to a whole other thought that there is a correlation between child birth and the lunar phases.  There will be a full moon by September 26th.  Any guesses on whether I will deliver on the 26th or not?

Can the full moon’s gravitational pull affect a women’s amniotic sac like it does with rivers and seas…?  Some think yes, some think no, I don’t really know…

What is Baby Hulten going to look like?

This has been driving me crazy. I am getting as anxious as Gordy is to get this part over with and meet Baby Hulten. I have been really thinking about what he is going to look like. With all of this in my head lately, I decided to share with all of you pictures of Gordy and I both just hours old in the hospital.

Pam's Baby PhotoGordy's Baby Photo

(click on images for larger viewing)

Then I decided to call my computer designing expert – Big Al, yes my brother and ask him if he could merge the pictures to see what a mixture of Gordy and I would look like.  So it’s not perfect, but enjoy imagining!

Merged Baby Photo

Starting Week 29!

Just starting Week 29 today.  Baby Hulten is probably around 2 1/2 lbs and measuring around 15 inches long.  We will know more exact figures when we do our last sonogram around Week 32.  Gordy and I see Dr. Dillard next week and we will hopefully schedule the sonogram then.  I am very anxious to see Baby Hulten again.  He is kicking up a storm on a daily basis.

I started thinking about packing the Hospital Bag.  Our rule of thumb at this point is to be ready and then all will hopefully fall in line like it should when it should.  If we are not prepared is when things can usually go the other way.

Gordy and I have also been trying to plan ahead with maternity leave.  There are a lot of unknowns out there for new moms.  According to federal law, if you are with a workplace for a minimum of 1 year, you qualify for the 12 weeks of maternity leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.  One thing I can’t stress enough to new moms though is that is not paid leave.  And it is very unlikely that any company you work for has policies or short term disability insurance that would give employees paid leave.  So, save up your sick and vacation days otherwise you will be spending a lot of your time at home unpaid.  It’s been a true eye opener to plan ahead for this because frankly – I don’t see how working moms/families can afford to spend 12 weeks at home unless you had enough sick/vacation days saved…And when you have only been with a company for less than 2 years like myself, there is no possible way for me to have that many banked days.

All a learning experience – so I am hoping to take around 7-8 weeks off for maternity leave.  Great thing is that our ChildCare is lined up and waiting for the arrival of Baby Hulten.  We saw one of the infant daycare teachers the other day and she is looking forward to November and taking care of him!

Feeling Great at Week 28!

It’s getting really hard to believe we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  Somewhere around less than 13 weeks to go.  We are in Week 28!

Baby Hulten is over 2 lbs and probably measures around 15 inches in length.  Starting at Week 30, I will begin more frequent trips to the Doctor.  I will go every two weeks until week 36 and then go every week after that.  I am curious to see what all the Doctor has to say in these remaining weeks.

Later this month, Gordy and I are signed up for several classes through the Hospital.  We are attending the long, Pre-Childbirth Education Class, which is 6 hours over two Sundays.  We are also signed up for Infant CPR and Newborn Care.

Gordy and I keep thinking there is probably something we should be doing at this point to make ourselves more ready for this, but I am not sure what.  We will need to set up the crib and wash a lot of clothes, blankets, etc.  Ah, yes and picking Baby Hulten’s name…

There have been two sleepless nights lately with my hips and legs just killing me.  I just can’t get comfortable sleeping and so I also make sure that Gordy is well aware of me rolling around too!  Experienced Moms are saying that my body is preparing itself for childbirth with the expansion of the hips and so forth.  Oh goody!

Here is to another week almost over – have a wonderful FRIDAY!

2 Months, 22 days…

I can’t tell you how exciting my first baby shower was over the weekend. Coming home and spending time with friends and family – wow – thank you to everyone as Gordy and I are so blessed to have you all apart of our lives…this is the part I have to quit writing on this because my eyes are tearing. That is what pregnancy brain does sometimes – quite often lately.

Many highlights from over the weekend and I certainly don’t want to leave any one out on this as I can’t believe how many people came – thank you all!

I first had a suprise Friday night showing up at Al & Susan’s house to see Cousin Vickie there from Colorado. She is always there to support my family! Thanks Vickie – great memories!

The day of the shower was of course a suprise everytime the door opened because I wasn’t aware of who was on the rsvp list at all. That made it even more fun. Lots of friends I haven’t seen in awhile. My dear friends, Jennifer & Lisa from Marion – thank you for making the long haul – you get the “Drove the furthest Away” award. I also got to see one of my old High School Teachers and great friend – Sherrie Sargent. Great story here that every christmas, I know she waits to send me her christmas card until she gets ours to see if we have any big news. Well, she still hasn’t gotten the x-mas card with the news, but the baby shower invite was a suprise I am sure!

I can’t end this without talking about my cousin Sharon – bless her heart (actually her ankle/foot). What a weekend to throw yourself into the hospital and then have them tell you surgery is needed right away. Sharon – get well soon and thank you for the wonderful Baby Hulten Gifts.

Again – We are so blessed to have such great family and friends – Love YOU ALL!!! You can view pictures from the shower HERE!