Let the countdown continue…

2 Months, 27 Days to go…

Hard to believe we just entered the 3rd Trimester this week.  I am getting right back into that tired phase very quickly.  Coming home after work and keeping my eyes open past 8 or 9pm is becoming a struggle.

Gordy will kill me for writing this, but I officially surpassed him in my Belly Stick-Out pose!  Mine is bigger!!!  If you are not ready to see this big white belly of mine, skip past this link then:  http://www.gordyhulten.com/wp-gallery2.php?g2_itemId=4772 

Yes, while in Panama City Florida, Teresa and I had to fulfill a tradition of getting Henna Tattoos from our two friendly artists that did them two years ago.  Please realize that Henna Tattoo are only temporary and last up to two weeks.   Mine has already washed off, but it was fun while it lasted.  You should have seen the faces of the artist guys when I lifted my shirt and said I want a tattoo on my pregnant belly.  Hey, you only live once right?  And in my case, I may only be pregnant once too!  You never know…

The rest of the pictures from P.C. are available in the link above as well.  We had such an enjoyable and relaxing vacation with the Cirks.  Looking forward to the years ahead of family vacationing with all of our kids!

Week 26 Update

I am in the middle of week 26 and feeling a bit tired these days.  Could be that coming back from vacation is still hard to catch up with, could be that this is an extremely busy work week, and could be that I am entering the third trimester and I am bound to get tired every now and then right…

I am up in Chicago for the night for work.  We have a United Way function tomorrow morning and afternoon up in Oakbrook, IL.  Quick trip up and back – no biggie.  Looking forward to the weekend and being at home!

My first baby shower is just around the corner and I am starting to get pretty anxious for it to be here.  Not for all of the baby stuff, but just to spend some time with a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile.  It seems like my trips home are so quick these days that I only get to see the immediate family and friends.  I am really looking forward to visiting with more people and getting to share this wonderful time of being pregnant with all!

Baby Hulten is kicking up a storm these days – I can only imagine what he looks like now from the last sonogram we had.  It seems like forever since we did have it done.  We will have one more sonogram around week 32.

I promise to get our long awaited Panama City pictures uploaded to our website this weekend when I am back home!

Vacation was really a vacation!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for an entire week.  We just got back from PC with the Cirks family and had a wonderful time.  We haven’t even gotten the photos off the camera yet.  Yes, we are slackers.  I had great intentions of sitting by the pool with my computer, but that was even too much to keep track of.

When asked “What did you do on vacation?”.  My answer is literally nothing.  We did a nice rotation of the pool and the beach.  One day, we ventured out onto a Pirate Cruise which was a lot of fun.  Other than that, our typical day consisted of getting up and saving the few pool chairs in the shade by 7:30am and not moving until dinner time.

We had a wonderful time and now it’s back to the normal work week…I will post up some pictures tonight after we pull them off the camera.

Check out our resort here!

Ready for Roadtrip to PC!

Tee minus 5 hours until we hit the road for Panama City Florida.  I am hitting the grocery store over lunch to pick out some healthy snacks for the car.  Gordy and I do a fairly good job with roadtripping non-stop, but you much have munchies to keep your mind occupied.  Now, we have the extra challenge of me needing to get out and walk around a bit plus the bathroom every 2 1/2 hours.  Oh boy – this is going to be fun.  We are leaving no later than 6pm tonight and will drive the whole thing and hopefully be on the beach by tomorrow morning!

Pregnancy Brain :^)

Just ask my husband what my new morning routine is…

“I can’t find my watch?”
“Where did I put my phone?”
“Have you seen my keys?”

And just this morning – “You are going to have to drive me to work because I can’t find my glasses and I can’t put my contacts in for another 6 hours until they are clean – AGHHH!”

This is getting really bad around here.

Pregnancy Tummy :+(

Well, you’re probably thinking this posting is going to talk about the size of my belly. Not so much. It’s just now starting to grow a little so there is not much to say in yet. However, I am beginning to think that Little Pundit is spending all day and all night kicking my colon because I have the worst upset stomach. And my dear loving husband is always there to make the run to Walgreens anytime I need him to. Early in the pregnancy is was a trip to Walgreens to locate the laxative section. He happily brought home every brand I think there is. This time, it’s just the opposite in that I need the stopper. I have a feeling the next 4 months of this whole body extreme makeover is going to bring on even more trips to Walgreens. I luv my husband!

YouTube Video: Grab your Kleenex’s

Good friend of mine shared this wonderful supporting our troops in Iraq video the other day.  I don’t recommend watching this at work and being pregnant.  They say you cry a whole lot more when your pregnant.  Well, I can honestly say, this one had my crying a work.  And, a 15 year old girl put this together – way to go!

Child Care – what a process!

Some of the wonderful unsolicited advice we received very early on in the pregnancy was start touring child care facilities and get on the waiting lists.  That was one of the most beneficial pieces of advice we have received so far. Little Pundit will attend a Child Care facility once I go back to work and he will be there full time was it is crucial we find the right place for him and for us!

Little Hearts and Hands in Urbana is our place of choice and we have been on the waiting list and now officially accepted into the place with our deposit already taken care of.  I can’t imagine at this point, being closer to time and either having to sit on a list or not know at all where to go.  Knock on wood, this is where we will be!

The Site Director, Terri, is just amazing and by far runs what we think is the best child care facility in the area.  We are so thrilled to be accepted and are very much looking forward to having great care for Little Pundit.   Now Gordy and I both need to secure two extra jobs to pay for all of this!  Yikes!  Welcome to Parenthood!!!!