Week 23!

I am officially starting the 6th month of pregnancy; 5.3 months pregnant; 162 days pregnant; 118 days to go until my due date!

All of these numbers…what do they mean?

I like to think of it as 4 months to go until my due date at this point.  Lot’s of Baby Hulten movement these days and not just around 10pm.  Gordy and I are very much looking forward to getting away in two weeks with our friends to Panama City, FL.  It will be a very relaxing vacation and hopefully just what we need to prepare ourselves for fulltime parenthood for the rest of our lives!  Isn’t that crazy?


Pam and I haven’t taken any significant time off work since last September’s week-long jaunt to Washington.  Since then, we’ve had three elections, formed a small business, remodeled our living room, put our house up for sale and conceived a baby, and we both keep requesting and receiving more responsibility at work.
In a nutshell, I’m ready for a vacation – Pam keeps telling me that I’m too crabby.

Even though we’re not going on on usual Memorial Day camping and canoing trip (due to Pam’s “condition”), we’re still going to get together with our camping gang over Memorial Day weekend.  And in June, we’re going to Panama City, FL for a week with the Cirks’, reprising the trip we made with them in 2005.

I’m very much looking forward to taking some time and just relaxing a bit.

Routine Visit

Had my monthly visit in the Doctor’s office today.  Very normal business, blood pressure, weight, urine sample, baby’s heart rate, etc.  Pretty sure Baby Hulten was sleeping right through the visit today because his heart rate was 134 and the nurse didn’t have to chase him around to find it.

I am certain that Baby Hulten sleeps all day in there and around 10 or 11pm he decides to wake up and throw a party inside.  Let’s hope this isn’t a routine he carries out when he is outside my belly.  So according to the weigh in chart from the my very first visit to today’s visit, I have offically gained 10 pounds.  I was suprised to see that.  My at home bathroom scale was only showing about a 6 pound weight gain.  All is very healthy and normal with it!

Not much else in way of baby news.   Moving right into WEEK 22!

This little pesky thing called Human Spirit…

I usually don’t talk about my work, but today’s post has to be about work because I was very inpired today and must share with everyone.  I know when your pregnant that your hormones might react a little more than usual, but crying during the lunch session of our United Way conference had to come from something special…

We had a wonderful speaker today who is a doctor and wonderful mover and shaker for a local United Way in California.  This Doctor introduced us to Willie.  Willie had two parents and both lost site of their child who later almost drowned in their pool.  Willie was rushed to the hospital and pretty much declared brain dead.  The Doctor – yes Doctor Ross who was speaking to us today had to tell the parents that the test they ran on the baby had one spark of brain activity which gave them hope to believe Willie wasn’t dead.  The spent the next few weeks by Willie’s bedside reading stories 24 hours a day.  When they couldn’t be there, they tape recorded messages and gave the nurses extra batteries to ensure the tape player would never quit. (Yeah, I was balling by now).  Doctor Ross watched as the family all rallied around Willie and never thought twice about pulling the ventilator even though the medical odds of him even breathing on his own was close to nothing.
This little pesky thing called Human Spirit never left Willie’s bedside and years later, Doctor Ross received a phone call from Willie who was in 4th grade Special Ed and wanted to say hello to the Doctor who never thought he would walk, talk or have any part of his body functioning again.  Today, Doctor Ross has recenlty talked with Willie who graduated from College.
What’s important about this is what Doctor Ross is doing today for his local United Way.  The power of the Human Spirit is so powerful, it creates change.  Change for people, change in the policies of healthcare in California.  Change that allows the people of California to have better access to healthcare.  Did you know that across the nation, one third of all bankruptcies are do to medical diseases?

Have you ever watched the movie “Pay It Forward” where the question was asked of Kevin Spacey’s 7th grad class – what can you do to change the world.  All the 7th graders thought this was an impossible question with an impossible answer.  It’s not impossible to change the world.  For United Way, change starts small and locally.  We are not going to solve world hunger – but we can find a way to feed people in Champaign County.  We can also find a way to help people have access to healthcare.  But it takes a community working together to do it and United Way can be that catalist to start this change.  We are in the business of CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES!

I will leave you with the quote from Dr. Ross again – “This little pesky thing called the Human Spirit”   Think about what you can do to change something with Human Spirit!

Pittsburg – What a great city!

I am finally in Pittsburg!  It took forever to get out here today due to severe weather conditions in Chicago.  It’s not very much fun to sit on a plane for a few hours waiting for the weather to calm down so that your plane can be the first in line to talk off.  Oh boy.  They finally agreed to let us off the plane to go get some water or restroom break and when they did, it was a matter of 5 minutes and they were calling us back on the plane to take off.

So, Baby Hulten officially took his first flight today.  During the actual take-off, he was moving around like crazy.  Probably saying “Woo, Mom, you are shoving me into the back of your body and it doesn’t feel good.”

Just hanging in the hotel after a wonderful dinner this evening with my co-workers.  I had a huge pork shank with sauerkraut garlic mashed potatoes.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  I will make Baby Hulten like sauerkraut whether he likes it or not.

The United Way Staff Leaders Conference starts for us in the morning and goes through Friday.  Looking forward to tomorrow night’s activities out at Heinz Field where we will get to meet some of the Pittsburg Steelers players and so forth.  Should be fun!

Two photos

Many of you have been wanting a photo of the ever slowly growing Pammy Belly. For those of you who really want to see go HERE!

And for those of you who want to see what it looks like to have a swollen foot not caused from pregnancy, rather a clumsy Pammy incident go HERE.

I am out tomorrow through Friday at a work conference in Pittsburg. I will try to write if I can while out there. Have a great week. It’s week 21 for me!

Happy MOM’s Day to all!

What a beautiful day for Mother’s Day.  Wishing we were in Troy celebrating with everyone, but that is the way life goes these days.  I had a few wonderful phone calls today from friends wishing me a mother to be Mother’s Day.  Wow, this is cool stuff.

On to a funny but not so funny story from yesterday.  Thought I was a clutz before I was pregnant, boy, now I am really a clutz.  I was out in the garage yesterday in my usual flip-flops doing all the necessary yard work in prepartion for selling our house (I will ge to that in another post) and the 8 ft heavy card table landed right across my right foot.  Ouch.  Did I say Ouch?  Once I realized it was still on my foot, I lifted the table off (I think a few cuss words came out) and came inside the house to bang on the back door to get Gordy’s attention.  He was out back watering all of my new plants.  He came in to find me bawling my eyes out on the flooring saying a table fell on my foot.  Hour and a half later, the Patient Advisory Nurse instructed us to go to the ER.  Few hours later, I was back home safe and sound and that God nothing is broke.  The Doctor was asking how much pain I was in and I was honest that it wasn’t much because I hadn’t let off from the ice.  I later found how painful it really was when I wanted to go to bed.  Long night… Today, it hurts, but I am able to walk pretty normal.  It just looks like something beat the heck out of my foot.

I am nearing the end of Week 20 and rolling into Week 21 this week.  Not sure how many posts I can kick out this week and I will be in Pittsburg for a work conference.  Gordy will be at home taking care of our lovely 3 cats.  Hopefully I will still find them in the house when I get back (Ha!).

Today’s Sono…

Everyone is wondering I am sure how things went this afternoon. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…the Doctor is very pleased with everything he did today! It was very quick, 30 minutes of measuring a whole lot of things including lobes of the brain, space between eye sockets, pinky finger and next finger spread, something with the feet and so forth. If there was anything that would have come out not normal, he would have recommended further testing and so forth, but he was very happy with everything.

So our chances of this birth defect are now 1 in 5,000 and we can live with that.

We have new pictures: View HERE!