Having a Great Day!

It’s nearing the end of week 18 and getting ready to start week 19!  I can’t believe (but can too) that we are almost halfway there – Wahoo!

Now that we know it’s a boy – yes, I am finally posting what Little Pundit is expected to look like when he pops out at the end of September – Gordy and I are making a list of boy names we like.  Feel free to share names with our list going already.  I can see already that picking name is no easy task.

I am also looking at the decorations for the baby/guest bedroom.  I have shared with several that I really want to incorporate a subtle theme of trains in there.  We won’t be painting the room or doing anything seriously BABY, but I do want a few things that remind me it’s a boy and something that Gordy and I think is fun – TRAINS.

You can check out this website for the bedding I really want to register for:  The Little Crib Bedding That Could

I am down to three pairs of work pants that I can circulate through and Gordy mentioned this morning that there isn’t room to get anything between my belly and those pants.  I would imagine I am going to be digging out those maternity pants in the near, near future.  Ugh…

Have a Great Day!

Quite a learning curve…first time around

I hope that I can provide some good information for mothers-to-be with all of my posts. If you recall many posts ago, I had an additional blood work test for cystic fibrosis. I tested positive, but Gordy tested negative – which is great! If the mom tests positive, you want to be sure that the father tests negative and all should be okay.

I am learning quickly that there will be something to worry about all the way through this 9 month long process. I wasn’t ready to share after our first ultrasound last week that the Dr. found a calcium deposit in the left ventricle of the baby’s heart – weird I know. Here is a bit of information for what it is – It’s called a Foci:

Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) is a small bright spot seen in the baby’s heart on an ultrasound exam. This is thought to represent mineralization, or small deposits of calcium, in the muscle of the heart. EIFs are a found in about 3-5% of normal pregnancies and cause no health problems. EIFs themselves have no impact on health or heart function. Often the EIF is gone by the third trimester. If there are no problems or chromosome abnormalities, EIFs are considered normal changes, or variants.

It is however an indicator for birth defects – mostly known for indicating Downs Syndrome. I did undergo another blood test – Quad Screen Exam – and the Doctors office just called a few minutes ago with the results – All Clear! If tests come back normal, it strongly indicates that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. In over 98% of pregnancies, normal quad marker screen results predict healthy babies and births without major complications.

We are scheduled for a more in depth Targeted Sonogram on May 9th with a High Risk Pregnancy Doctor to make sure they are not seeing any birth defects. Between a normal blood test and if the targeted sonogram comes out fine – the baby should be healthy!

I didn’t realize and now know there will always be something to worry about and I am sure this is the start of what’s to come for the next 40 plus years! A worrying parent…

Back to tracking weeks – It’s #18 this week!

We are rolling right into Week 18!  From last weeks exam, we found out that “Little Pundit” (not sure I am ready to start writing about the big news yet in case we haven’t been able to tell everyone) is weighing around 7oz so far and is around 12 cm in length.  That is about 4.7 inches.  Still awaiting the fluttering feeling.  Some say it will feel like a big gas bubble moving around so you can really mistake movement for indigestion.  I am still too small for maternity pants but really almost too big for my regular pants.  I have 3 pairs of my work slacks that fit still but I am noticing how uncomfortable I am during the day.

Gordy and I hopefully secured our childcare center this week.  Even though we are 3rd on the waiting list for November, our good friends have put in a great recommendation to the director for us and they all think we will be just fine come November when we need the care to start.  It’s crazy that over a month ago, we starting touring facilities and getting on waiting lists.

Another normal work week ahead and it’s almost Wednesday.  Happy Week 18!


Well, if you haven’t heard from either Gordy or myself – we have some news from our Sonogram on Friday afternoon.  You must call us though. I would love to be able to tell everyone in person first!

Everything did go pretty normal.  We are on target with our due date – September 25th.  Now that we know what Little Pundit is going to be, I can start thinking about a whole lot of things – names, room decor, registry stuff and so forth.

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with our friends and Mom and Dad (Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill)!  We worked them until we ran out of projects and I am sure they were both very tired this morning – THANKS for all of your help!

4 more days – oh my!

Well, hopefully by this time in four more days we will know what excitement we have in store for us (Boy or Girl)?

Place your preliminary projections now!
Gordy – Girl
Pam – I don’t care, just tell me already!
Details – My appt is scheduled for 12:30pm on Friday. I am sure that by Dr.’s time, that will be more like 12:45pm. I have two back to back appts so it maybe awhile before you hear from any of us. Feel free to leave us messages and it might take me awhile to call everyone back. I will not post anything here until I make all my phone calls. I don’t want someone to find out via the blog rather than a call from me.

Day of Cleaning!

Very productive Sunday…Gordy finished out taxes just in time.  He never likes to do them too soon as we always seem to owe quite a bit.  Why pay sooner he says.  I spent the day cleaning up stacks of paper, filing, and doing a lot of touch up paint in the house.  Things are looking good around here.  Next is to finally tackle the front bed room.  I can save some of that fun for when Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill come up in 5 more days.  Yes, 5 more days until the SONOGRAM!!!

We always have a task list of things to do around the house. This time it includes:

1)  Ceiling Lights in the Great Room

2)  Hanging Drapery Rods and Drapes in the front bedroom
3)  Fixing the broken drawers on the chest in the front bedroom

4)  Straightening the Pergola outside

5)  I haven’t told Grandma Lois that I could use some help with weeding outside (we will see if she reads this entry or not)

Garage Sale Season has begun!

What a morning. I hit my first garage sale of the seaon and scored BIG! I can’t wait to give my hubby his item…I found a L.L. Bean Baby/Child Backpack Carrier – wow it’s awesome!

I rounded up a bag full of infant toys and books. My girlfriend Teresa bought me one of those baby floor gym activity mats. It’s in mint condition. I also found a simple wooden rocking horse and a vibrating bouncing seat with the aquarium thing that hands over it. One of these days, I will learn the real names for all of this stuff. For now, I go with my own descriptions so bare with me! Teresa and I stuffed her rental Pathfinder SUV to the rim this morning. She has a 9 month old and a 4 year old and she also found some amazing deals.

I am really looking forward to the big sale next weekend when Grandma Lois can come up and enjoy spending some time and money on baby stuff with me. I know she will be hunting for a few items to stay over a her house for when they get to babysit. Feel free to share what she should keep as essentials at her house! I know she wants to make a list of items.


Moving into 16 weeks already

Wow, I just rolled into the beginning of the 16th week of this pregnancy. This is going pretty fast right now. I am certain I won’t be saying this same thing come July and August when it is over 90 degrees and I am popping out like there is no tomorrow…

Little Pundit is 4 1/2 inches long. Not only am I anxious for our Sonogram on April 20th – Did I mention it’s 10 MORE DAYS? – but I am also anxious to feel the fluttering of the baby soon. Books all say somewhere between week 16-20. Maybe soon.

I am a little curious to ask the Doctor about gaining weight. I haven’t gained any yet. Early on when I was so ill, I lost probably 5lbs, but I am at my normal weight at the moment. Books are saying I should gain 12-14 lbs in the second trimester. I am not sure about what should have happened throughout the first trimester. I think the goal is to not get sick…Boy I failed that one!

Well, I could do what my grandparents did for my mother to help her gain weight without knowing the full scoop. Although, if I get the story truly straight, they did this while she was growing up, not while she was pregnant. My mom would drink a famous “Grandpa Milkshake” every night and what she didn’t know is that Grandpa threw in a raw egg to boot. I guess the raw egg in the milk shake was a true booster for protein and gaining weight.  These days, this almost sounds so crazy that we wonder how they made it through it all back then right…

Oh, the stories we all know and love about our parents and grandparents – we don’t share enough of them!

11 more days…Can you tell I am excited about this?

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Gordy and I were at home this weekend getting caught up on house projects.  We also watched a lot of the Master’s Golf Championship.  I never thought I would watch that much golf in one weekend, but it was great to see virtually a no-namer win the GREEN Coat!

Enough on golf – you can see that the weekend was slow!

I haven’t started gaining an weight yet.  I am very curious to see what the Dr. has to say about that.  Not sure I am eating enough or something as a lot of books are saying you should be gaining a pound a week now.