Week 14 Dr.’s Appt!!!

Great morning at the Dr.’s Office. And yes, I made Gordy go with me even though he feels like a useless appendage being there. Heart Beating strongly at 158!

For all of those who believe that higher heartrates means it a girl and lower means its a boy; you all just keep believing what you want to.

Some facts: While rumors abound, the truth is there is no difference between girls’ and boys’ rates, so knowing if the heart beat is fast or slow can’t help you to choose baby clothes or room decor. The loudness or quietness of the heartbeat also doesn’t mean anything. The sound has to do only with the volume controls on the instrument, as well as the distance and angle from the heart to the Doppler.

Now this is cool: After 20 weeks, you may be able to hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope, instead of spending money on one of the expensive Doppler-like instruments for home use (they can cost as much as $500 for a good one).

I love Dr. Tiffany Dillard – she ROCKS!

Grandma Lois is making her visit up to Champaign on the day we have our SONOGRAM! Mark your calendars now – APRIL 20th! We hope that Little Pundit decides to behave and show us the gender that day.

Dr. Dillard said everything is very normal and looking good so far. I am feeling great and can’t wait until the next visit. It can’t come soon enough.

Still eating for two!

I am moving right into Week 14!  “Little Pundit”  has progressed to being the size of a lemon.  As many experienced mothers have shared, once you get through the first trimester of feeling like crap (I think it’s beyond crap), it’s like a light switch changes and you feel good again and you have a lot more energy.

Yep, that is finally happening.  I wouldn’t say that I can stay awake any longer at night, but my energy level is increasing during the day and I just feel hungry, not sick hungry.   I also think this weekend’s never ending Sunshine on Sunday helped me to relax and regain myself again.

Gordy and I continue to tour Childcare Centers to narrow down where we want Little Pundit to be once my 6 or 7 weeks of maternity leave are up.  This is a huge decision.  We are 97% certain where he/she will be, but we want to make sure.  We have another tour this Friday.

It just so happens that in April, our local Mall is opening up a new store:  Motherhood Maternity!

So Grandma Lois can help decorate!

I am going to put up a few posts just for Grandma Lois so she can help me decide on some decorating ideas for the baby/guest bedroom.  This is easier than trying to send her a bunch of links…  I still need to measure the windows to make sure all would fit.

Choice 1 – White Linen Drape Shades

Choice 2 – Bow-Tie Window Shade 

Choice 3 – Aspen Shade-White

Choice 4 – Tuscon Shade-Ivory  .

One down, Two to Go!

I have officially rolled into the second trimester this week.  Well, depending on which website you check, I am either ending the first this week or I am starting the second this week.  Very confusing…

We will continue with the week count instead.  I am in Week 13 and only 27 more to go!  Little Pundit is the size of a Jumbo Shrimp this week.  Yes, only 3 inches long.

I am really wanting to start planning for a few things now.  There is an twice a year event in Champaign called “One Week Boutique” which is a huge children’s consignment sale specializing in the highest quality of gently worn children’s and maternity clothing, shoes, toys, books, games, videos, baby equipment (strollers, cribs, infant seats, etc.) and baby and children’s furniture.

I think Grandma Lois and I are going to do some serious shopping on Friday, April 20th after I scope out the good stuff on that Thursday evening before.   I have signed up to volunteer for 3 hours before the sale with set-up so I can get a special pass to shop before the public.  Imagine turning an entire old Best Buy Building into a baby sale – that is what’s coming!

Week 12 – so much growing to do

Did you know that there are clear signs of male/female gender at this point-WOW.  Gordy and I have to anxiously await until sometime between week 16-20 to find out.  This is generally when our Dr’s office will do the first sonogram.  I CAN’t WAIT!

One of the cool things that Gordy and I have decided along the way is that we would like to donate the baby’s umbilical cord blood.  I know there are a handful of folks out there who decide to store their baby’s cord blood, but it’s very costly and the chances of needing someday are slim.  However, you can save a lot of lives by donating the cord blood.  The Dr’s office gave us some information on doing it (as they are required by law in IL to tell you about it) but if you want to, you have to do all of the legwork to make it happen.  It’s very interesting, once you sign up through a company, they will send you all that you need to bring with you on day of delivery and the Dr’s office will take care of it from there.  They basically save it in this kit that is mailed to you and then it get’s mailed back to this the Cord Blood Registry.

Here is a cool factoid:

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, “10,000 to 15,000 Americans each year who need a (bone marrow) transplant are unable to find suitable donors”. Cord blood is an alternative transplant resource. As of the year 2000, more than 2,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide.

Why not – It’s FREE for us to donate – SAVE LIVES!

It’s no longer Beauty Rest – it’s Baby Rest!

Okay, so I fell asleep at 7:30pm.  I did get up around 8:30, but not for long.  So I am pathetic – It’s Baby Rest!

The baby is the size of a lime, 8oz!  Lot’s of amazing development in week 12.  More on week 12!  Next Dr’s appt is on March 29th.  Getting anxious for that appointment more so to schedule the following one (late April) which with any luck will be the big Sonogram and maybe we will be able to find out what he/she is!

We are heading out for the big town of Troy this evening after U of I wins their first tournament game.  Okay, I am optimistic that they will win tonight.  Quick visit with everyone and we have a 1st Birthday Party at the new Fisk House on Saturday evening.


Test Results…Amen!

Gordy got a phone call late yesterday with the results of his blood test to find out if he is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis.  It’s NEGATIVE!  We are very pleased.  If you missed a posting or two ago, I found out that I am a carrier.  These are all things that generations before us never found and and hence never had to worry about them per say.  It’s interesting all of the tests and procedures they can do now days to help prepare you for the new baby coming.  I am not sure if knowing ahead of time is a good thing or not, but we are pleased with the results thus far.  We will continue to pray that in the weeks ahead, everything else continues to check out okay!

It’s a beautiful day to be pregnant!

I think we are just getting a tease of warm weather this week, but I can’t wait for spring to really be here.  63 degrees is sooooooo nice!  Well, it was a pretty normal weekend at least for me though everyone I spoke to over the weekend had/has the stomach flu.  I don’t envy you at all.  I am certain I had a double whammy three weeks ago with pregnancy sickness and flu.  I am nearing the end of week 11 and feeling pretty darn good.  I say that now…We don’t have our next Dr’s appointment until March 29th, but this one will be with my actual Doctor.  I will be anxious to see her.  She had told me back in January when I was in there for my annual womanly exam that with any luck, the next time she saw me I would be pregnant.  She was my luck!!  Well okay, she wasn’t but I will make sure to tell her that she was.

Gordy and I are still anxiously awaiting a blood test result back on him for whether he is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis.  I found out over a week ago that I am a carrier and at that point they need to test the father to ensure he is NOT a carrier.  Well, we are still awaiting the results.  No one moves fast around here especially when you really want to know something like this.

I have found myself very much in a routine these days in regards to keeping my stomach full.  I get up and before I shower, I eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink more Propel.  Propel Water is WONDERFUL!  The Dr’s office recommended it because it’s high in B-Vitamins – good for the baby!  Regular bottled water is very boring and hard to drink.  From there another hour will go by and I am snacking on applesause and something else.  I can’t wait for lunch around noon – I am usually starving by then.  Snack in the afternoon and for some reason I have been eating pickles when I get home from work everyday.  I am not craving them per say, but they sure taste good and it tides me over until dinner!  After dinner, I have been eating a bowl of rice krispies before bed every night.

I was just now finally reading the folder of information that Carle Clinic provided me and it has their 2007 Class Schedule for Prenatal and Family Education Classes.

Here are the names of the classes I would like to take:  Most are FREE!
Newborn Care

Infant Illness

Infant CPR

Prepared Childbirth Education (aka Lamaze)

Car Safe Kids:  How to choose and use a car seat

Back to eating for two regularly!

It feels so good to not been awaken by sickness – knock on wood.  It’s been such a crazy week at work, but I do manage to eat something every few hours still.  My stomach always tells me otherwise if it gets to be about 3 hours and I haven’t shoved something in my mouth.  The Dr’s office called on Monday to let me know that a one of the tests we did came back and needed further attention.

I did a blood test for Cystic Fibrosis to see if I am a carrier and it came back positive.  Nothing to worry about yet, Gordy went to be tested as well and unless he comes back as a carrier, we have nothing to worry about.  I will hopefully find out his results tomorrow or early next week.  The Dr’s office couldn’t give me any hard core statistics around this, but after talking with my great friend Jill, her Dr. told her 1 of every 22 women will come back as a carrier.  Just my luck!

Moving right along through Week 11!