Top 10 Reasons to Drive Across the County in One Week!

In order to keep this short and very interesting, I thought I would try to sum up our week long road trip vacation across the country in a humorous TOP TEN List!  So here it goes:

10.  Climbing Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park…(okay the map only said a fairly easy 3 mile hike) but that is straight upward hike, yes I mean up at 10,000 ft elevation.  Can’t tell you how awesome the air quality is at 10,000 ft elevation.

9.  Cliff Jumping into the Columbia River (Vantage,WA) and landing with either red strawberries on your arms and back or blow out your shorts (way to be Nicole – you were awesome!)

8.  Beer Alarm Clock – okay Keith – you better practice by this time next year.  The ole saying, it’s Noon somewhere didn’t quite work out for you.

7.  DMB from Row 6, dead center – Thank you Soosun!  I should add to this one when you sit in Row Six, you would really like to think that Dave did smile at you – wow, he is HOT!  To our dearist SAM, don’t ever lose the Dave Matthews Guitar Pick – Priceless!

6.  Mac N Cheese at 2am, Blueberry Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a side of bacon for breakfast, and the ole liquid diet for lunch – can’t beat the grub!

5.  Pretending to be friends with a herd of over 100 Bison in Yellowstone all crossing the road to migrate further south before the snow comes in deep – watching Bison snot and slop from 2 feet away is pretty real – not like on the discovery HD channel – this was real baby!

4.  Having the Crappiest Campground Site in Vantage, WA – Literally.  Just ask Lynn how to do an RV sewage dump.

3.  Seeing the one and only:  Devil’s Tower.  I think I am the only dork who has watched “Close in Counters of the Third Kind” more than 100 times.  I love the mashed potatoes scene where he scrapes the fork down the sides of the mound of mash.  It’s really just like it in person – Devil’s Tower has those same exact markings.  Amazing!

2.  Driving home starting Monday, yes Labor Day Holiday, at 9am from Vantage, WA;passing by a zillion police and not stopping for rest until 30 hours later where we are about to land in our own bed and shower – AMEN!


1.  Celebrating our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary while taking the longest road trip ever and hanging out with our GANG – Soosun, Adam, Keith, Matt, Sam, Mike, Nicole, Lynn, Nina, Dave King – you rock dude = PRICELESS!

Thank you for all of you that made this vacation possible; Mom and Dad for Grandkitty Sitting for 2 weeks, The GANG; hope to see you again soon; Kevin – for really push mowing and riding the tractor at home while we were gone; to everyone that I may have drunk dialed on Sunday (You rock, it’s my one time a year not to be DD); Everyone who has been apart of our lives from day one of our marriage:  Pam & Gordy Hulten 9-1-01

We luv u!

Journey to George (Washington, that is)

Random stuff:

  • No pictures yet – it’s hard to upload over the Treo.
  • Bozeman, Montana sucks.
  • Walking with a herd of 200 buffalo is surreal.
  • Yellowstone cannot be adequately experienced in just two days.  We could have spent a month.  There are several hundred miles of roads, but the best experiences are off the beaten path.  Pam and I must have hiked 30 miles over two days, varying in altitudes from 10,250 feet to 6,000 feet.  Multiple waterfalls, wildlife, geysers, hot springs, geysers, and mountain meadows.  The scenery cannot be described, and photos fail to capture the full feeling of how overwhelming the beauty is – golden meadows, surrounded by mountains, with much of the area still recovering naturally from the massive 1988 wildfires.  We took 800 pictures, and I’ll upload the best of them later.
  • Our Gorge friends are way, way too good to us.  Feels like family, with instant comfort and comraderie.
  • I always forget something crucial when camping, and this year it was the propane valve for the grill. We wasted an hour in Spokane trying to find a replacement, and found something that barely worked.
  • I never thought I’d miss humidity, but right now I can feel my skin cracking because of the dryness.
  • I love the Highlander Hybrid.
  • More later, probably Monday on the road.

. .