Journey to George (Washington, that is)

We left Urbana at 6 PM, and hustled 450 miles to Miisouri Valley, IA, where we crashed at 1 AM.
Random stuff:

  • Gas prices in Iowa were as low as $2.49 per gallon for mid-grade with 10 percent ethanol.  The ethanol subsidies made the mid-grade cheaper than the low-grade.
  • This Stowaway 2 cargo carrier is awesome.  We’re using it to store our clothes and overnight bags, and even though we went through some heavy rain yesterday, everything stayed nice and dry.  (Thanks, Cirks!)
  • The Hybrid is getting about 22 miles per gallon at an average speed of just over 70 MPH.
  • Iowa has the bumpiest interstates in the nation.
  • Driving through Iowa City on I-80, just after hissing at the University of Iowa signs, we were interrupted by Officer Friendly.  He chastised me for going 79 in a 65, but sent us on our way without even a written warning.  I think he though Pam was cute.
  • By the way: The best way to drive through Iowa:  do it at night so you don’t have to see anything.
  • I love my Treo 650, and the fact that I can use it as a wireless modem via Bluetooth to be online anywhere I can get a cell signal.  (Large portions of western Iowa have no cell service, though)  I got a bunch of work done last night while Pam drove for two hours.  Right now, we’re on I-29, almost to Sioux Falls, SD.  (Hopefully the Treo 700W that I’m getting will work just as well.)
  • The Garman GPS that Bill loaned us is cool.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it does hiking.
  • The cats are with Grandma & Grandpa Adomite, and Fonzi hasn’t killed Bill yet.  And Bill hasn’t killed Fonzi yet, either.
  • We’re just now starting to see billboards for the Corn Palace and Wall Drug – landmarks in South Dakota, and beneficiaries of several hundred signs for several hundred miles.
  • No photographs yet.  Patience.