Volunteering in Champaign/Urbana

I recently signed up to volunteer in Champaign/Urbana for an organization called Center For Women in Transition. This agency is constructing a third house to help homeless women and their children by providing safe transitional housing and help them sustain their self-sufficiency. This new house will help provide rooms for 5 additional familes and up to 11 children. So where do I fit in? I have “Adopted A Room.” Actually, I have adopted one of the bathrooms (8X7) with several friends of mine (THANKS KATIE, JULIE AND TERESA!). . We spent Saturday in there putting up primer paint on the walls, painting the ceiling white, and applying a “Springtime” color back on the walls.

Every room in this new house has been adopted by churches, companies and other groups such as myself. Target adopted the other bathroom upstairs and I can’t wait to see if our room looks more “tre-sheek” than theirs. I will start a new photo album in the Misc. Album

Please check back for more updates as the bathroom takes shape. Next step is to pick out some flooring. They have someone who is ready to lay all of the flooring, but we need to purchase it. We are also looking into a big mirror above the sink, under the counter cabinets, above the toilet storage and we will be ready to go back in a decorate the walls with our already purchased items from Gordmans!